why I do wanderlust wednesday

When I was really young I used to raid my parents travel magazines.  They would get all these brochures from tauck tours and cruise lines, (this is obviously before the internet) and I used to stare at them in awe wondering if I would ever get to see this huge big world.  I would tear out pages and keep them on the back of my door, and I would look at them everyday and wonder when we would travel to these foreign and amazing places on the other side of the world.

Then the internet came along and boom, any place I wanted to explore I could see, just like that.  With each passing year more and more information would become available on how to get to these places and when it was the best time to go.  The door of future travels turned into the a composition notebook full of pictures I would find in magazines and then all of the information I could find about them on the internet.  It was my go to travel journal before I could actually travel.

I still like looking up new places to go, especially when I am home in between travel.  I can't get enough.  So, I've gone digital.  Now that I have this website that helps me organize and keep track of my past travels, I also use it to keep my future plans organized.  Every Wednesday (when I am not traveling) I publish a new place that has caught my attention.  A dream trip that I can't wait to take.  It helps me when I go to plan my next travel adventure that I already have basically everything researched already. If it helps you pick cool places to go see, well that's cool too.

xo, T