WTN Travel Guide to Jaipur


  • Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan an Indian State in Northern India

  • It was founded in 1726 and was India's first planned city

  • It is often called The Pink City because of the color the stones were painted

HOW TO GET to Jaipur

Jaipur is apart of India's Golden Triangle along with Delhi and Agra. It is also a gateway city to the rest of Rajasthan and its most popular cities;  JodhpurJaisalmer and Udaipur.

By Plane - Most fly into Delhi's largest airport Indira Gandhi International Airport (airport code DEL). The airport is situated close to the highway to Jaipur so you can exit Delhi without having to go through the city center. Jaipur also has a small airport that has direct flights daily from Singapore and Bangkok
By Train - If you are traveling to Jaipur from Delhi New Delhi Railway Station is a good cheap option but it is also known as backpackers ghetto for a reason. Your first time leaving from here allow ONE HOUR to find your train. The electronic boards are often times wrong. Only ask police/tourist officers for help. Do not follow anyone who comes up to you offering help. (please take this advice VERY seriously).
By Car - If you are traveling from surrounding cities it is often times just as cheap as a train ticket to hire a private car to drive you. TripAdvisor has many great options. 

HOW TO GET AROUND easily in Jaipur

RTCD Bus - the best and cheapest way to visit Jaipur's local sights. Full day tour 300RS half day tour 250RS. One guide per sight and not much detail is explained.
Hire a Driver - This is the route I took while visiting Jaipur. You can hire a driver through your hotel for as little as $35 a day (8 hours) or $20 (4 hours)
Autorickshaws - prepare to haggle and don't be afraid to walk away if you think you are being ripped off. A whole day (with a visit to the Amber Fort) should cost you 350RS. There are some booths that you can load from without having to haggle. Drivers will always suggest certain places you HAVE to see to buy things. Politely but firmly decline, they work together to share profits and often times it is a scam.

Top things to do in Jaipur

Best Hotels in Jaipur

Rambagh Palace
Very expensive but worth it. Apart of the prestigious TAJ collection. Was a real palace until 1953 when the Maharaja converted it into a hotel. Even if you don't stay there make sure you dine there.
More on dining at Rambagh Palace here.
Book a night at Rambagh here. 

Jai Mahal Palace
The less expensive but easily impressive little sister to Rambagh Palace. Also run by TAJ collection. Same esthetic and style of Rambagh for a fraction of the cost.
Full Review on Jai Mahal Palace here
Book a night here


Suvarna Mahal at Rambagh Palace
Located in the palace in what used to be used as the banquet hall. The walls are covered with silk wallpaper, and the ceiling displays beautiful frescos from Italian artists. You eat off 14k gold china just like the royal guests did less than 60 years ago.
Reservation Required. Book through your concierge or call +91 141 221 1919
Full Review on Suvarna Mahal here

Final Thoughts

India is a gorgeous country and traveling there will be a trip of a lifetime. You shouldn’t leave home though without a travel guide. Here are a few I recommend:

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