Dine Like Royalty in Jaipur

Staying at Rambagh Palace is one of those bucket list items you dream about. But even if you can't afford a room at the gorgeous palace turned hotel you can afford to eat like royalty. Suvarna Mahal is located in the palace in what used to be used as the banquet hall. The walls are covered with silk wallpaper, and the ceiling displays beautiful frescos from Italian artists. You eat off 14k gold china just like the royal guests did less than 60 years ago. 

First a little history on the magnificent hotel. Built in 1835, Rambagh Palace was a modest royal hunting lodge that used to be surrounded by a thick forest. The palace remained the home of Jaipur's royalty until 1957 when it was converted into a hotel by the Maharaja himself. In 1972 Taj Luxury resort group took over the operation and upkeep of the hotel. When you enter the compound you are greeted by colorful peacocks and perfectly manicured gardens. Make sure to arrive early for your reservation to ensure enough time to wander the grounds. 


The food is from the four royal houses of India: Jaipur, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Punjab. Each house has distinct flavors and specialties. Allow your server to guide you through each house. Tell him what type of indian food you usually like or just what flavors you gravitate towards and rest assured their suggestions are always perfect. 

Even though the hotel is exorbitantly priced the dining at Suvarna Mahal is reasonable. Matt and I enjoyed a dinner there for less than $80 which included 2 beers, an appetizer, soup, 2 main courses and dessert. To book a reservation we simply asked the concierge at our hotel.

Taj Rambagh Palace
+91 141 221 1919
Reservation Required

Final Thoughts

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