Tipping is always confusing. Below is a list of the top 50 most traveled countries, organized alphabetically, and some general rules for tipping in that country. Most are sourced from actual experiences, while other countries I've yet to visit come from research and local advice.


Servers and Bartenders:

  • General rule is 10-15%
  • Most consider 10% to the waiter to be generous enough

Taxi Drivers:

  • Round up for typical taxi rides
  • 10 percent for "remisses" (a common local car services)
  • If hiring a full-day driver tip starting at 10% or more for a really good one

Other workers to tip in Argentina:

  • At least 25 pesos for a porter, and up to 45 for a particularly helpful one

Good to know: Because of rapid inflation and fluctation in money the proper amount to tip has varied widely over the last few years. You should always keep plenty of change with you for tipping. Change is also in a shortage, and shops and restaurants often refuse to break bills.

Australia/New Zealand

Servers and Bartenders are paid a fair wage. You can round up or leave a few extra dollars, but honestly, it is not expected. The same rule applies to Taxi Drivers.  

Other workers to tip in Australia and New Zealand:

  • Porters at hotels should be tipped $1 per bag
  • If you receive help from a concierge give a tip between $10–$20
  • Housekeepers should be tipped $1–$5 per day, mostly depending on how messy you leave the room
  • $20–$50 per person for a private guide
  • $5–$10 for a bus-tour guide
  • $25–$50 per day for a private driver
  • 10–15 percent for beauty and spa treatments

Good to know: Remember to tip Aboriginal and Maori guides exactly what you would others.


Servers and Bartenders: Restaurants will typically add service charges into their bills. It is customary, however, to round up when paying the total. If you are tipping more than than, be sure to hand it to the waiter instead of leaving it on the table.

Taxi Drivers: Most will round up to the nearest euro to pay the fare. It isn't uncommon to tip up to 10 percent of the final fare for exceptional service.

Other workers to tip in Austria:

  • Tour Guides should be tipped €1 to €2 for exceptional service
  • Airport Shuttle Drivers do not expect to be tipped. But, if they do help with your luggage give €1 per bag
  • House Keepers in hotels usually don't except a tip. Everything is typically included in the hotel bill. If you feel the service went above and beyond leave €1 per night on the bed.

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Servers and Bartenders: Tipping is not expected. This is mostly because a 10-15% service charge is generally applied to your bill automatically. If you feel that your service was exceptional and want to leave a few Euros more, then feel free, but you are under no obligation.

Taxi Drivers: Tipping is not required or expected, but it is common to leave the change or round up when paying. If the driver helps with luggage or gives directions so consider leaving a small tip of a couple of Euros. 

Other workers to tip in Belgium:

  • Tour Guides do not expect tips and most tours include gratuity in the cost. As always a few Euros after is always appreciated.
  • In general, most hotel staff never expect tips and most services include the gratuity in your bill.
    • Bellman who handle bags will appreciate €2 tip but it is not expected.
    • Housekeepers do not get tips and are paid fair wages. 

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Servers and Bartenders: 10% is routinely included in the bill - look for the "serviço" charge. You do not need to tip on top of this.


General Rule: A dollar or two for most services is the norm. But, according to locals, "no one will frown even if you don’t leave anything on the tray.”


Servers and Bartenders: Like in the United States, the gratuity isn't included, but servers are paid a higher wage than in the US but many still rely on tips. Tip between 15 to 20 percent, depending on the service. Just like in the US, many restaurants add 15-18% for larger groups. 

Taxi Drivers should be tipped 10-15% of the total fare.

Other workers to tip in Canada: 

  • Concierges who go above or beyond for hard to get reservations or tickets should get $10 to $20 per favor
  • Hotel Porters tip $1 or $2 per bag
  • Housekeepers should be tipped $5 per day and according to many sources you should leave the tip daily. This is because the person who cleans your room everyday rotates in most hotels. Leave the tip on top of a note pad and write thank you so they know it is for them.
  • For salon or spa services you should add on 10-15% of the bill as the tip


Servers and Bartenders:

  • A 10 percent tip is usually included in the bill
  • If you got great service, feel free to put down a few more bills usually amounting to another 5–10%.
  • Nicer restaurants may also charge a 5–7% charge under the title cubierto. This basically translates to a sit-down charge.

Taxi Drivers in Chile expect the fare to be rounded up. That is a sufficient tip.

Other workers to tip in Chile:

  • You can tip the concierge of your hotel $20 up-front to guarantee amazing service
  • Porters get $1 per bag
  • Doormen should be handed a few dollars if they hail you a cab
  • Cleaning staff should receive $2 a day. Wait till the end of your stay to tip and try to give them the money in person to ensure they take it and not the property.
  • Tip private guides $10 to $25 per person per day
    • An organized camping trek (for example to Patagonia) that involves extra staff would be tipped roughly $10–$20 per person per day. The staff will split the tips among the expedition workers.
  • Private drivers should receive at least $5 a day


Generally... tipping in China used to be completely taboo. You would never see it. But, small hip restaurants are picking up on the trend and adding it to the bill.

Hong Kong is a bit different and you will see a service charge added to the bill in many different establishments.

In China you should definitely tip...

  • Porters around Ten yuan per bag. Although it isn't uncommon to see double that, especially in nicer hotels. 


Servers and Bartenders in Colombia is a tricky situation. First, check the bill to see if the tip is included. If it is, it's usually 8–10 percent. Even with an added charge it is very common to tip more, up to 15–20 percent total. The type of restaurant is also a factor. Local, family owned, restaurants are typically service charge free and adding a couple of extra pesos is appreciated but not necessary. Trendier or fancier places require tipping.

Taxi Drivers do not expect a tip in Colombia. Only leave one if they really go out of their way to help you.

Other workers to tip in Colombia:

  • Hotel staff generally expect tips.
    • For smaller rural hacienda (where a family staff usually cooks, cleans, and tends the gardens) leave around $5 to $10 per person per night at the end of your stay. They will then break up the tips appropriately. 
    • In standard hotels, the usual tipping rules apply: about $1 to doormen and cleaning staff per bag or daily cleanup.
  • Tip private tour guides $10 per person per day
  • Private drivers should be tipped $5 per person per day

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Costa Rica

Servers and Bartenders don't expect a tip in Costa Rica. Gratuity is included in the bill; anything extra you leave is a pleasant surprise.

Taxi Drivers should be tipped a small amount if you have luggage. Drivers get $2–$4 for a long drive, and only $1–$2 for a trip from the airport.

Other workers to tip in Costa Rica:

  • Porters should get around 25–50 cents per bag or $1 per bag at a 5 star hotel
  • Regardless of hotel level, leave at least $1 a day for the housekeeper
  • If hiring a full-day guide or driver tip $5–$10 per person
  • On an organized tour involving several guides, look for a jar or bucket for tips. This will be divvied up among staff. Tip around  $2–$3 for each person.
  • On a boat, you should be tipping around $5–$10 per person. Usually the captain will collect it and distribute the tips among the crew for you.

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Servers and Bartenders:

  • If you're ordering just coffee or a drink, leave the change.
  • Quick, casual dinner at a konoba (taverns) leave about 3–5 percent of the bill.
  • For dinner in a nice restaurant, check the bill for a service charge. If nothing is included leave about 10 to 15 percent.

Tip Taxi Drivers the change by rounding up

Other workers to tip in Croatia:

  • Concierges aren't common in Croatia. If you do encounter them and they do something special (like a hard to get reservation or ticket) tip them $5–$10 at a smaller hotel and $10–$20 at a luxury hotel.
  • Cleaning staff get $1–$2 per day in an envelope at the end of your stay
  • Bellboys should be tipped $1 per bag
  • Dining-room breakfast staff can be tipped $1–$2 per day (left on the table is fine), especially if they've taken good care of you
  • Guides and Drivers should be tipped separately around 10 to 20 percent per day

If you are sailing in Croatia... say on a chartered boat, budget to leave $50–$60 per person for the skipper and crew. This is given at the end of your trip. If you are traveling on a larger yacht, standard gratuity is 10 to 20 percent of the overall cost. This is given to the captain who will distribute it to the chef and staff.

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Servers and Bartenders are tricky to tip in Croatia. Check the check first. If you don't see a charge leave 10-15%. It is not expected but quickly becoming standard.

Taxi Drivers are sometimes confusing. The general rule is if there is no meter and you agree on a flat fare there is no need to tip. Any other situation, round up. 

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Tip concierges about $20 if they do something really special for you. Say a hard to get reservation, or acquire tickets for you.
  • Bellhops get $1–$2 per bag
  • Cleaning staff generally expect $3–$5 a day
  • Tip guides $15–$20 per person per day for small group tours
  • If a guide gets you special access - say a special backstage tour at Prague's Estates Theatre or something similar tip the guide a few dollars


Servers and Bartenders:

  • Service charge is usually included - great service add up to 10% more

Taxi Drivers will expect you to round up.

Other workers you should tip in Denmark:

  • Hotel staff do not expect much
  • If you receive excellent service a couple dollars at most is fine
  • Tour guides have a tip included in the cost of the tour. At most leave a dollar or two for great service.

Dominican Republic

Generally... look for the service charge on the bill - if not tip at least 10%.


Servers and Bartenders:

  • The tip is included in the bill
  • If you get great service add 5–10 percent above that

Taxi Drivers should get about 10–15 percent. Guides (who usually never drive you as well) should be tipped $20 per person per day. Pay the drivers of the tour a little less.

Other works you should tip in Egypt:

  • One to two dollars a day for the housekeeper. Be sure to pay throughout your stay to ensure great cleaning
  • $1 per bag for the porter
  • Concierges are powerful and very helpful in Egypt. Tipping $10–$20 at the beginning of your stay will go far.


Servers and Bartenders in France: 

  • When you get the bill look for the words “service compris”- this will indicated service is included and it's on most bills.
  • Even with that charge most people leave change or round up.

Taxi Drivers

Other works you should tip in France:

  • Porters: Two euros per bag
  • Housekeepers: one to two euros per day
  • Concierge: 10–15 euros per restaurant reservation


Many think that Germany is a non-tipping culture. This is actually quite wrong. Despite its reputation for precision, Germany has no hang-ups about generous tipping.

Servers and Bartenders should be tipped 10–15 percent of the bill.

Taxi Drivers should have the fare rounded up at the very least.

Other works you should tip in Germany:

  • Porter: One to three euros per bag
  • Housekeepers: five euros per night
  • Concierge: 20 euros for anything helpful

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Servers and Bartenders

  • It is customary to tip 5% (and only 10% maximum) depending on the amount of the bill
    • 10 percent for an inexpensive bill, and 5 percent for a more expensive meal

Taxi Drivers actually don't expect a tip at all. Not even rounding up! But, of course, if you do round they'll be delighted. 

Other works you should tip in Greece:

  • Porters: 1 Euro per bag
  • Housekeepers: a Euro a day at most
  • Concierges: only for something very special
  • Private drivers: 20 Euros per day. Leave them up to 40 Euros if they've gone out of their way
  • Group tour guides: 4–6 Euros per person
  • Personal tour guides should get 40–60 Euros for a full day

If you are doing boating in Greece you definitely need to tip. A good rule of thumb is 5-15% of the base cost for the yacht charter. Usually you can simply put the tip in an envelope for the skipper to then distribute to the crew at the end of the cruise


Servers and Bartenders

  • Tourist areas tend to add service charges to every bill - so always check first
  • If you don't see anything add 10-15 percent to your bill for good service

Taxi Drivers expect you to at least round up the cost of the fare and let them keep the change. 

Other works you should tip in Hungary:

  • Gas station attendants should be tipped 100-200 Forint
  • Public washroom attendants should be tipped the same, around 100-200 Forint
  • Concierges get a nice tip of $20 - but only if they do something extra­ordinary like secure you hard-to-get tickets
  • Porters get $1–$2 per bag
  • Cleaning staff $3–$5 a day
  • Tip guides $15–$20 per person per day for small groups and $10 per person per day for larger groups
  • Drivers for tours should be tipped half of what you tip your guide
  • Spas will most likely include a 10 percent service fee. It is typical to tip 10 percent on top of that

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Servers and Bartenders in Iceland:

  • A 15 percent tip is built in to most bills.
    • If you want to leave more, don't leave more than 10 percent on top of that.

Other things you should know about tipping in Iceland

  • Overall there's no extra tipping in Iceland
  • Do not tip anyone at hotels
  • You can give guides about $20 a day and drivers $10, but it's definitely not expected. Some experts say, at most, to treat them to lunch

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Servers and Bartenders in India:

  • 10 percent to the waiter is becoming a common tip in India
  • If you are in a more modest establishment a few rupees is fine
  • Many posh (or high-end) spots now include a 10 percent service charge in the bill

Taxi Drivers (and rickshaw drivers) aren't accustomed to tips, but you can tell them to keep the change—up to 10 percent.

Other works you should tip in India:

  • Porters should be given about 50 rupees (about $1) per bag
  • 250 rupees a night is customary to leave for the housekeeper whose wages are generally pretty low throughout the country
    • Many hotels, small and large, now having a tipping box for the staff
  • Hiring a driver is common in India, 400 to 500 rupees a day is an appropriate tip

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Servers and Bartenders do not expect anything but it is greatly appreciated. Some restaurants include a 10 percent service charge on the bill, but unfortunately many workers never see this tip. Handing them a couple dollar directly is best if you want to tip.

Taxi Drivers are generally tipped around 10% of the total fare.

Other works you should tip in Indonesia:

  • Guides should get $25–$40 per couple
  • Tip your driver half of what you tip your guide
  • Porters: $1 per bag


Servers and Bartenders in Israel:

  • Tips or service charges are included in most bills
  • If you want to add more, leave a shekel per customer

Taxi Drivers should be tipped between 10-15 percent.

Other works you should tip in Israel:

  • Concierge: A couple shekels for a small favor. Leave more for more extensive favors.
  • Porters: Six shekels per bag
  • Housekeepers: six shekels per day
  • For tour guides leave 90–120 shekels per person per day
  • You can combine tips for drivers and guides, tipping about 120–150 shekels


Servers and Bartenders

  • First off, scan the bill to see if the restaurant has already charged you for service
    • this will typically listed as "coperto," or cover charge
    • Extremely common at restaurants in tourist areas
  • If there is no coperto (or you had excellent service) leave a few Euros on the table, but not more than 10 percent of the total

Other works you should tip in Italy:

  • Porters: 5 Euros
  • Housekeepers:1 - 2 Euros per night - Feel free to leave more for extra service
  • When on a gondolier in Venice you should know that tipping gondoliers and vaporettos isn't customary


As a general rule, Japan is very anti-tipping. But there are some things to keep in mind...

  • For a tour guide, offer 2,500–5,000 yen in an envelope, remember to be discrete.
  • If you would like to tip a cab driver, round up for a very short ride. But, if you hire a private driver they will usually expect to have you buy his lunch, around 2,000 to 2,500 yen.
  • A room attendant at a Ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) will be expected to get a tip of around 5,000 yen for one or two nights.
    • Remember to always tip discretely in an envelope.

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South Korea is a bit like Japan. There's really no tipping culture - with of course a couple of exceptions.

  • Excursion guides, should be tipped around $20 per person per day.
  • Drivers for the excursions should be tipped half of what you tip the guide.
  • Hotel porters should get the usual $1 per bag

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Restaurants in Malaysia will includes a 10 percent tip. Still though, locals round up and leave the change. I would suggest you do the same or leave 10–15 percent more if service was great.

Taxi Drivers

Other works you should tip in Malaysia:

  • Bellboys get the standard $1 per bag
  • For the Cleaning staff you should leave $1 a day
  • Private guides and/or drivers should get $5–$10 per person per day


Servers and Bartenders (and most of Mexico in general) have taken on American tipping customs. In nice restaurants tip up to 20% for good service. Roadside stands and taco joints mean you should at least round up if not leave 10-15%.

Taxi Drivers

Other works you should tip in Mexico:

  • Porter: About 10–20 pesos per bag
  • Housekeeper: 20–50 pesos per night for the housekeeper
  • Concierge: minimum 100 pesos, even for small tasks
  • Tour guides: About 100–200 pesos per full day per person
  • If you have a combined driver-guide tip 200–300 pesos per day
  • Gas station attendants should get 5 pesos per fill-up
  • Use your judgment with parking attendants, doormen, and maître d's but be sure to tip something

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Servers and Bartenders expect you to take on an additional 5-10 percent.

Round up the fare to the next 10-dirham note for Taxi Drivers. 

Other works you should tip in Morocco:

  • Porters: $1 per bag
  • Tour Guides should always be tipped but use your discretion based on how long, how extensive, and how accommodating the tour was
  • Concierge: At the beginning of your stay tip $10 to guarantee good service
  • Housekeeper: $5 per night to the housekeeper. If you can pay it each day so the appropriate person receives it
  • Private drivers and guides should both get around $20 per day

You should know, in Morocco, tipping is done off to the side and quietly.

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Tipping has become more common at restaurants in Nepal. Check first to see if the restaurant has included a 10 percent service fee - if not add 5-10% to the final bill.

Taxi Drivers don't accept tips while in town.

Other works you should tip in


In Amsterdam, it's actually the law that restaurants must include a service charge in the price of the meal. This means you don't have to worry about any additional tip. Outside of Amsterdam tip 5-10%.

Taxi Drivers actually include tips in their rates, but most people still round up.

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Servers and Bartenders don't expect a tip - tipping is not compulsory at all in Norway. However, (why is there always a however), it is usual for Norwegians to leave a tip in restaurants and bars if they are happy about the service. A 10-20% tip is expected if the customer is satisfied.

You should also know, it's uncommon to tip taxi-drivers or cleaning staff at hotels while in Norway.


You should know... Cuzco is a heavy tourist area but Peru is not a tipping culture. Locals don't tip. Hawkers are a common site though so give a little something if you take a picture with them (and a llama).

Servers and Bartenders working in tourist heavy restaurants expect a tip. It is customary to add an extra 10-15 percent to a bill at bars and especially high end restaurants. If you're at a mom and pop shop, just leave a few Soles.

I will say though, a few extra Soles can go a long way in Peru to a struggling family and restaurant. I encourage you to tip more if you can afford it. It will be truly appreciated.

Taxi Drivers don't get tips. You will usually negotiate the fare before hand. Just pay the flat fee.  

Other works you should tip in Peru:

  • Porter: Three sols ($1) per bag
  • Housekeeper: 3–5 sols per night
  • Concierge: tip only for special favors
  • Private drivers: $5–$10 per day
  • Guides: $10–$20 per day


Servers and Bartenders do expect a tip, but check the bill first. A 10 percent service charge may be included. You can leave an extra $1–$2 if you want on top of that. If it's not included, leave a 10 percent tip.

Taxi Drivers do expect a tip, usually of around 10 percent.

Other works you should tip in Philippines:

  • Porters: $1 per bag
  • Cleaning staff: there is no need to tip, but if you see them and want to leave it in an envelope clearly marked for them.
  • Concierge: only tip them (around $4-5) if they go out of the way for you
  • Guides: $20–$50 a day
  • Drivers: $4–$5 a day
  • Car Parkers: You will find men in blue uniforms who often help you park your car. Tip them 10 to 20 pesos—about 20 to 50 cents.


Servers and Bartenders expect tips especially for good service in restaurants. And especially in touristy areas such as Krakow or Warsaw. Aim to tip around 10% of the bill. Of course, leave around 15% if the service was exceptionally good.

Taxi drivers in Poland expect a tip of around 10% - but only if the taxi driver is on time and takes a good route. If the taxi driver is late, or if they are slow you should not leave any tip at all. Don't feel bad about this, this is normal in Poland.

Other works you should tip in Poland:

  • Porters are uncommon in Poland so you shouldn't worry to much about tipping them
  • Housekeepers in Poland don't expect a tip but if you wish you can leave 10PLN per night with note on the bedside table
  • If a concierge provides extraordinary service you can leave a small tip - even just 20 PLN - as tipping is not expected or customary
  • Tour guides: 10-15%

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Servers and Bartenders expect tips. First, check the bill for a service charge. If you don't see one, 5 percent at coffee shops and 10 percent in restaurants is normal. Tip up to 20% as you dine in more high end establishments.

For Taxi Drivers in Poland, you should only round up or not tip at all.

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You should know... tipping in Russia has always been optional, but are always appreciated. The country is becoming more Westernized, meaning it's slowly becoming more expected. In hotels or with personal tour guides/drivers, you should know a personal touch goes a long way. A heartfelt note is encouraged with all tips.

Servers and Bartenders do expect tips now-a-days. I suggest tipping 10 to 15 percent tip at sit-down restaurants. At coffee shops or a café for a quick sandwich round up the bill. Do be aware you can only tip in cash - there is no option when paying with credit cards.

Taxi Drivers will expect a tip, usually around 10 percent. Also, you should always negotiate a fare before you get into a taxi. 

Other works you should tip in Russia:

  • Porters: $3–$5 per trip
  • Housekeepers: $2–$3 per night
  • Concierge: $10–$20 for good service
  • Drivers: $30 per full day
  • Private guides: $50 per full day.


Restaurants in Singapore are like Malaysia, a 10 percent tip is included.

Taxi Drivers don't expect a ton. Round up and leave the change.

Other works you should tip in Singapore:

  • Concierge: Tip them up to $10 if a special favor (like hard to get restaurants or concert tickets) are acquired for you
  • Bellboys: $1 a bag
  • Cleaning staff don't expect anything. But it you want you can leave a few dollars a day in an envelope.
  • Tour Guides assisting you on a full day should get $15 to $20 per person
    • This will also be split with the driver, if there is one. 

South Africa

Servers and Bartenders expect a tip. You should add 10-15 percent to the bill.

Taxi Drivers should be tipped by rounding up the fare and leaving the change.

Other works you should tip in South Africa:

  • Hotel Porters usually receive R10 to R20 per bag (around $1)
  • Concierge: $3-5 if they performed a special task
  • Private drivers and tour guides: $25 per person per day
  • Car guards: These are employed by the government to cut down on unemployment. But, they don't get salaries and rely on tips. Only tip if they show you identification (they always will if they are legit). Pay him around 15-20 Rand.
  • Airport Porters receive the same as hotel porters, around 10-20 Rand.

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Restaurants in Spain typically include a service charge. In bars, there is no need to tip at all. But, if you get great service or it's a nice bar add 10%. 

Taxi Drivers will expect you to round up the fare as a tip.

Other works you should tip in Spain:

  • Bellboys: about 1 Euro per bag
  • Concierge: special favors tip 5–10 Euros
  • Cleaning staff should be tipped about 5 Euros a day. Tip them up front if you want extra nice treatment
  • Leave guides 30 euros per person per day (up to 40 if they're really good)
  • Drivers should always be tipped half of what you tip the guide

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Servers and Bartenders do expect a tip, but check the bill for a service charge first. If there is no service charge, 5-10% is the general rule for restaurant service. You should know... It is super important not to overdo it. 

Taxi Drivers will expect you to round up and leave the change as a tip.

In Sweden, tipping at a hotel is not customary and there is no obligation. Hotels charge a service fee and this is distributed among the hotel staff. Porters, bellboys or housekeeping can be given an extra 5-10kr if you feel the service was extra special. 


Servers and Bartenders don't expect much. Generally, you should leave between 5–10 percent, but no more. And it is definitely not expected.

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Servers and Bartenders will expect a tip. First, check the bill for a 10 percent service fee. If there is no service fee, leave 10 to 15 percent in a top restaurant and 10 percent in a regular one.

Taxi Drivers

Other works you should tip in Taiwan:

  • If you use the concierge, or in a large group, tip $20 or so when you check in or out of the hotel
  • Cleaning staff $2 per day. Leave it in the room with a note attached.
  • Porters: $3–$5 a bag being delivered to your room
  • Doormen: $1–$2 if they call a cab
  • Guides: 10%


Servers and Bartenders don't expect a ton. But you should leave a few baht with each meal - About $1 per diner.

Taxi Drivers will expect you to round up and leave the change as a tip.

Other works you should tip in Thailand:

  • Porters: $1–$2 per bag
  • No tip is necessary for the housekeeper or the concierge
    • Hotels charge a service fee if they are two stars or above
  • Private Drivers: $2 per day
  • Tour guides: $10–$20 per person per day
    • The guide will tip the driver, so no need to tip them yourself
  • Local masseuse parlor: tip $3 at the end of the massage
  • Bathroom attendants are common in Thailand. Guys, don't be surprised if they throw a towel over your shoulders while at the urinal. Tip them fifty cents (or about 20 baht).

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Servers and Bartenders don't expect it but they are always appreciated. This is even true in tourist heavy Istanbul. But I have heard that tourist-heavy areas like Sultanahmet (the Old City), tips of about 10 or 15 percent are expected. Remember to always have cash if you want (or need) to tip. You won't have the option to tip if you pay with a credit card. 

Taxi Drivers aren't generally tipped, but rounding up is suggested. Also, don't be surprised if drivers simply keep the change. If renting a private cars tip around $35–$50 per day. This isn't per person but per group, regardless of the size.

Tour guides should be tipped $10–$15 per day per person. If you have a private tour guides tip them $75 and up.

Hotels in Turkey usually include a service charge in the hotel bill. 

At Turkish baths, tip the masseur $20–$25.

When chartering a boat, give the crew 5 percent of the price. If you rent a boat cabin, tip around $15 per person per day.


You should know... Dubai's government mandates adding a 10 percent service charge to all bills at hotels, restaurants, and bars. These tips are divided equally among staff. Even ones who didn't help you, but sometimes they will go directly to the people who worked with you.

Servers and Bartenders expect a tip. Look first, usually a 10% service is added to hotel and restaurant bills. Also, in UAE's so-called seven-star restaurant, you need to tip the maître d' $50 to $100. This shouldn't be a problem since you're going to be paying $200 per person for the meal anyway.

Taxi Drivers don't expect anything but rounding up to the 5-dirham note is encouraged.

Other works you should tip in UAE

  • While hotels charge a service fee that is used to tip the staff there are some exceptions
    • Parking valets and porters should get around 10 dirhams
    • Tip the concierge $30 to $35 every time you have a major request, like a special restaurant reservation. 
  • Guides get $10 to $20 per person per day
  • Drivers: $5 per person per day
  • Unlike elsewhere in the world, DO NOT tip bathroom attendants. Only tip if you see a coin dish in the restroom.


Servers and Bartenders will expect a tip. Check the bill for a service charge and if you don't see one add between 10 and 15 percent to the bill. There is no need to tip in pubs.

Taxi Drivers will expect a little something. Tip them whatever small change you have.

Other works you should tip in the UK:

  • Porters: 1–2 pounds per bag
  • Housekeepers: 1–2 pounds
    • Note that you should up that to 5 pounds (both for porters and housekeepers) at five-star hotels
  • Boat Tour: There are narrated boat tours that run along the Thames, tipping is optional but they will ask for tips.
  • Guides: 20 pounds per day
  • Drivers: 10 pounds per day or cover their lunch

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Servers and Bartenders will expect a small tip. Leave five to 10 percent on your restaurant bill,

Taxi Drivers don't expect a tip. Round up if you want to leave them anything.

Other works you should tip in Vietnam

  • Porters: do not tip
  • Concierge: $20 if he does you a favor (like securing special reservations outside the hotel)
  • Cleaning staff: $2 a day, left at the end of your stay on the nightstand, where it's easily visible.
  • You don't need to tip doormen
  • Tour Guides: tip $15 per person per day
  • Drivers should be given half of what you give the guides
    • Tip guides and drivers on your last day (if it's a multiple day tour)
  • Massage therapist should get around $5-10 if you are in a fancy spa $5 to $10
    • If you go to a days-long spa they should tell you the tipping policy in advance

Also, you should know, bring as many $2 bills to Vietnam as you can. They consider it lucky and will be extrememly happy to receive one.

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