How do you make money?

Well I don't make much. I will never try to fool you that I do. I make money when you visit this site and click around. I make a fraction of a penny if you click on the ads on this site. I also make money though partnerships with companies.

Why did you start traveling?

I wanted to so I did it. Actually the full story is here. I'll warn you it is long. 

You must be rich to travel as often as you do...

Ha! I wish. In the beginning I was just a bartender saving tips to travel. Now my husband is a lawyer in NYC and he helps fund my travel. But we still have to budget every penny. We live as frugally as we can. 

Aren't you scared to travel alone?

Honestly, sometimes yes. I still get nervous every time I board a plane by myself. But at the end of the day I just tell myself I can do it. And then I do it. 

Aren't you afraid of ISIS/terrorism/extremists?

Yes of course that worries me at times. But if we stop traveling because of them THEY WIN. And I don't ever want those stupid people to win. Also, the more you travel the more you realize that the world is full of kind and generous souls and people like ISIS are the minority. 

So where should I start first?

Everything is divided by country at the top of the page. See if I've been to where you are heading or just use it to get some crazy travel inspiration.

Check out my pinterest for some great links. And my Instagram for some awesome pictures. 

What is popular on your site?

Glad you asked...

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