If you want more in-depth information on the routes we took, where we stayed, or how much gas cost us then you have come to the right place.

Alpenstrasse Routes

For the Alpenstrasse I highly recommend this site and this site as a guide to each city and region along the road. Be careful just following typical GPS because they will try and take you to the highways to maximize time. 

We started in Lindau and drove through Oberstaufen and then down to the Breitachklamm Gorge. The Gorge takes about an hour to walk through. We then continued on to Füssen for the night.

We woke up extremely early so we would have the whole day to drive the last part of the Alpenstrasse. After Bad Tölz we hopped onto the A8 so we could save some time and have more time on top of the Eagles Nest.

The Hostels/Hotels

Česky Krumlov


Car Rental for 7 days/6 nights - $200
Eagles Nest bus and elevator ride - €16.50
Breitachklamm Gorge - €3
Nuremburg Documentation Center - €5 (entrance includes audio guide)
Salzburg Fortress - €8
Salzburg Cable Car to Fortress (includes entrance to fortress) - €11.50
Nightwatchmens Tour in Rothenburg - €7
Boat ride on Colmars "Little Venice River" - €6
Total gas for our entire route - $200