Vacations are a must: Proven reasons why you need more time off

Written by Kaylee White in collaboration with

Everyone, it turns out, needs a break now and then. But everyone, unfortunately, is not taking breaks. That’s what the latest reports on Americans and vacation time lay out, in stark terms.

Take, for example, the numbers on how many vacation days employees just leave on the table—an unused benefit that they just give back to their companies: 658 million unused vacation days. In the last several decades, even the number of days that Americans do take as vacation has declined, from just over 20 to just over 16.

It’s unhealthy for employees and it’s bad for business, for a number of reasons. For starters, it isn’t paying us any financial benefits: Those people who take fewer days off aren’t any more likely to get a raise. And it’s turning us into unhappy, uncreative, unproductive employees.

What’s the scope of the problem and what can we do to fix it? This graphic helps explain it.

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