Top Reasons to Visit Canada

Canada, a land packed with endless possibilities, has long been a favored travel destination for visitors from various parts of the world. A country that has always put the needs of people and its citizens first, Canada is quite simply (to use a very popular term right now) woke. Whether it comes to LGBTQ rights and marijuana use, many reasons make it one of the friendliest countries to live in or visit.

When choosing a place to travel, there are often factors that we look at before finalizing hotel bookings or airline tickets. These factors range from the safety of the area to the activities offered in the region, which may or may not be to a traveler’s liking. The beautiful part about Canada is that it has something for everyone, no matter the age. Among the top 10 countries listed in the Happiness Index, the “subjective well-being” of the people in Canada is very high, adding further to the allure of this amazing country.

However, there is more to Canada than meets the eye, and here are some more reasons why this country should be on your must-visit list, as it will leave you astounded by its many wonders that never fail to impress.  

If you want to experience the best of Canadian nature head to Banff.

If you want to experience the best of Canadian nature head to Banff.

Nature in Canada is Truly Jaw-dropping

A nature lover’s delight, Canada has a diverse topography that brings with it enchanting vistas and spectacular natural wonders. But, before you head on out into this majestic land, it is worth going through tips that can help plan your Canadian travels better. Whether it is the Northern Lights you want to witness in Yukon or Alberta, go polar bear spotting in Churchill, or relish the many adventure activities around the Canadian Rockies, planning your trip in advance and not cramming everything into one vacation can help you discover the land more intimately.   

Tip: Don’t forget to pack your camera, and tripod for the journey! If you want to read more about what camera equipment I pack for every trip, check out this article.

Yes, Gambling is Legal in Canada

Photo Source:  Sebastiano Giuseppe Garilli

Visitors to Canada will be excited to know that gambling is legal here. Now, since visiting land-based casinos during holidays is not always an option—grandma might now approve—technology can help you out. You can indulge in some money-making on the side through online casinos. I definitely suggest researching the various sites ahead of time. One of the best websites out there to research is this trusted online casino Canada, where players can choose from the leading casinos based on real individual ratings. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to make the most of all the bonuses and offers the online casinos give players for a head-start in their gambling journey. Since most of the top online casinos have mobile site or apps, it's easy to explore the far reaches of Canada while enjoying a game of online slots, live poker, or even play the lottery at any time of the day.

And it goes without saying, please play and bet responsibly.
If you have a gambling addiction you can get help here.    

Every Vacation Needs Great Food

Canadian Beaver Tails are simply amazing.   Source

Canadian Beaver Tails are simply amazing.

From the cheesy goodness of Poutine to the sweet essence of the maple syrup, Canada has gastronomic experiences to indulge every type of palate. The dishes in Canada are typically a combination of comfort foods and fine dining, making every meal a fulfilling (see what I did there) adventure. Moreover, due to the diversity of the country’s citizens, there are numerous options available that range from vegan and Indian food to French cuisine and local favorites.

Tip: Most traveler know about Poutine and even Bannock nowadays. But, if a local offers you a beaver tail, say yes! While it may sound disgusting it is actually a fried dough pastry that is delicious. The, now huge, Canadian-based pastry chain got started selling its namesake product, are each pastry is individually hand stretched to resemble beaver's tails.

Hadden Park in West Vancouver, Canada has some stunning views.

Hadden Park in West Vancouver, Canada has some stunning views.

The Cities Are Just as Good as The Nature

Although Canada is known for its natural wonders, the towns scattered throughout are equally fascinating and full of exciting activities. Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Whistler, are all excellent choices for your first Canadian adventure. They all come with unique characteristic appeal, presenting visitors with numerous events throughout the year. From music concerts and skiing to museums, architecture, and luxury escapes. Not to mention, most Canadian cities are surrounded by nature meaning you get to have the best of both worlds.

Final Thoughts

Canada is a country best enjoyed leisurely. To make the most of your vacation, take your time, get to know the local people, and explore a nation that will surprise you with amazing sights when you least expect it.

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