Where to Eat in Amsterdam

After visiting Amsterdam many times I have done the grueling work for you to find the best restaurants normal people can afford. #hardwork

Here are my favorite places to eat when I am visiting Amsterdam!

Best Pancake Houses in Amsterdam

Pictured Above: De Carrousel Pannenkoeken

Pictured Above: De Carrousel Pannenkoeken

Pancake House Upstairs
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Established in 1962, it is the smallest restaurant in Europe with only 4 tables. Pancake House Upstairs (or Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs) is on many lists for the top pancake house in Amsterdam.

De Carrousel Pannenkoeken
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My personal favorite pancake house in Amsterdam. The carousel is located near the Rijksmuseum and makes a perfect after museum snack. The inside is decorated, well, like a carousel obviously with horses and a round multilevel dining room.

Best Fries in Amsterdam

Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx
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A small walk up window on a side street near Dampkring are the BEST fries you will eat in Amsterdam. Pro Tip: Grab your fries and then sit down and enjoy them at the coffee house directly across the street. They let you enjoy your fries out of the (normally) cold Amsterdam weather as long as you buy a coffee!

Best Restaurants in the De Pijp Neighborhood

Pictured Above: The Seafood Bar

Pictured Above: The Seafood Bar

The Seafood Bar
Location | Website | Menu
Pricey but delicious seafood in De Pijp.

The Avocado Show
Location | Website | Menu
An Instagram friendly restaurant where every dish is made out of Avocado! Expect a long wait. 

Location | Website | Menu
Converted church serving delicious Middle Eastern Food.

Best Restaurants in Amsterdam for Fine Dining

Senses Restaurant
Location | Website | Menu
Located in the lobby of the Albus Hotel DO NOT MISS this restaurant. I suggest the tasting menu to get a full experience of this amazing restaurant.
You can read my full review on Senses here. 

Best Cafes in Amsterdam

Pictured Above: Koffie ende Koeck

Pictured Above: Koffie ende Koeck

Café Hans en Grietje
Great cafe to relax and enjoy some hot soup or traditional pancakes

Koffie ende Koeck
Location | Website | Menu
Vegan friendly small cafe with the most delicious cakes. Also serves high tea!

Best Restaurants in Amsterdam City Center

Kantjil & De Tijger
Location | Website | Menu
Great spot for some delicious Indonesian food. Large portions and a good option for people traveling in a large group.

Ter Marsch & Co
Location | Website | Menu
A perfect spot for a burger and a drink close to the bloomenmrkt. Many of their burgers have won awards. Seriously!

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Amsterdam has many places to eat and I have listed the top restaurants to eat at in Amsterdam in this article. Read on to find out more!  Tessa Juliette http://travelwheretonext.com

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