Travel Essentials You Really Do Not Want To Forget

Regardless of what type of travel you enjoy, getting the packing right is important. The last thing you need is to waste precious vacation time running around your destination trying to buy those items you have forgotten. To help you get it right, here are a few tips.

The Right Underwear

Let’s all be real. It is impossible to look your best (and wander around foreign cities all day) when your underwear is cutting into you and creating unsightly bulges. Packing the right bras, knickers, socks, tights and shapewear is essential. This range of bras from Fashion World is high-quality and there are plenty of different cuts for you to choose between.

When choosing the underwear you will be taking on your trip, think about the clothes you will be wearing. Be sure to choose cuts that will not show under your clothes.

If your trip is lengthy pack undergarments that are lightweight enough to be washed out and dried quickly. Picking items that are made from a material that wicks moisture away from your skin is essential.

Lastly, always buy the right items before you leave. It can be hard to find quality items that also fit well whilst travelling. 

Color Coordinate Your Clothes

Usually, while traveling you will have to adhere to a luggage allowance. With flights becoming stricter and stricter (and allowing less and less luggage with the price of an economy ticket), you will want to make good use of the space that you have available. Fitting a relatively small number of items into your case to create as many outfits as possible will not only save you money but also time each morning of your trip.

An easy way to achieve this is to make sure everything you pack is color coordinated. Check out this article, which shows you how to create 8 or 9 outfits from just 7 or 8 items of clothing. Truly astonishing.

Comfy Footwear

Having bleeding or aching feet is going to curtail your fun and send you straight back to your hotel. Make sure that any footwear you take with you is well broken in. This is not the time to be trying out new shoes! Tried and true footwear that you purchase well before your trip ensures no surprises along the way.

The Right Electronics

If you can, leave your heavy laptop at home. Most trips on require a tablet (or e-reader) and your Smartphone. Before you leave, be sure to download all of the apps, books and programs you need onto them. Also, double check that the batteries all hold their charge well and that you have packed the correct chargers.

I would also suggest packing a multi-socket USB charger. This will enable you to charge everything even if your hotel room only has one or two electrical outlets. Don’t forget to take the relevant adapters. They can be surprisingly hard to get hold of once you arrive at your destination.

Be Ready For All Weather Conditions

When you pack make sure you are ready for everything rain or shine. Always, take your sunglasses, a hat and some waterproofs or a compact umbrella.

Looking for Location Specific Packing Advice?

If you are looking for packing advice for a specific location, just click here. Over the years, I have traveled to quite a few places. Each time I took a trip I have put together a packing list. If you are planning to go somewhere similar, you should find the information contained within those articles of use. And even though researching ahead of time is great, I definitely recommend bringing a travel guide along with you. Here are some of the best travel guides I recommend...

One of the most common questions I get: What is the best camera for travel photography? I personally love my Nikon D5600. I use the kit lens and a Sigma wide-angle lens (for Nikon) which I am genuinely obsessed with.

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