The best coffeehouse in Amsterdam: Dampkring

Visiting a coffeehouse in Amsterdam is one of the top things to do when visiting the city. With legalized weed, you will definitely want to partake in the culture and enjoy a joint or Spacecake. 

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The problem is there are many different coffeehouses to visit all with their own vibe and way of doing things.

By far, the most famous is the Dampkring coffeehouse in Amsterdam. The inside was featured in Oceans 12 and ever since this place is on tons of must visit lists in Amsterdam.

The good new,s is that most of the time, it isn't overwhelmingly crowded unlike some of the chain coffeehouses (Looking at you Bulldog) you will find in Amsterdam.

Dampkring is also my FAVORITE coffeehouse in all of Amsterdam and I tell everyone who goes to Amsterdam to go there for a smoke and a hot chocolate. I like it because it has a chill vibe and although it is known it isn't overwhelmingly crowded. Plus, it has the coolest cat ever - Bowie. 

Bowie in 2017 with a picture of Bowie on my phone from 2013

Bowie in 2017 with a picture of Bowie on my phone from 2013

I first met Bowie back in 2013 during my first visit to Amsterdam. He was a chill cat, if not a little overweight, and he jumped onto the counter in front of me while I was trying to drink my hot chocolate and smoke my first legal joint. Bowie runs Dampkring. He has lived in the coffeehouse since he was a baby. As of 2017 Bowie is 18 years old!!!! Now every time I go back to Amsterdam I have to stop in and see Bowie. I am dreading the day I walk in and find out he isn't around anymore.


Going to your first coffeehouse can be a nerve-wracking experience so here are my tips on how to act like a pro. 

Tips for Visiting Dampkring coffeehouse

Spacecake and Mint Tea from Dampkring

Spacecake and Mint Tea from Dampkring

  • Dampkring has a dress code, make sure you take off your hat when you enter
  • You will buy your Space Cakes and coffees from the bar
  • What is a Space Cake? If is a pound cake edible that will get you high 
  • Weed is sold by the joint in the back left corner
  • While at the bar PATIENTLY wait for the employee to take your order
  • I reiterate patiently because this isn't a bar or club that sells alcohol, everyone is very chill here. I have heard the bartender tell people waving money in their face to "put the money away, I am a bartender, not a stripper"
  • Understand that if you are ordering a Space Cake the bartender will ask you if you have ever eaten something like this before - don't get offended
  • Find a table and remember to keep it down
  • Absolutely NO TOBACCO is allowed inside the bar. If you take a pack of cigarettes out you will be asked to leave
  • The hot chocolate at Dampkring is amazing and you shouldn't leave without some
  • Make way for Bowie, he has a tendency to walk on the counters and over people's drinks - this is his home not yours
  • Enjoy your time and smoke responsibly!

If you want to know more about the different types of drugs that are legal in the Netherlands check out: Guide to drugs in the Netherlands

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Visiting a coffeehouse in Amsterdam can be nerve-wracking. Weed being legal in Amsterdam makes it one of the top things to do while visiting Amsterdam. Here is my list of top tips for visiting a coffeehouse in Amsterdam so you don't stick out like a sore thumb!  Tessa Juliette

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