Showering while Camping in Iceland

While traveling in my Go Campers van in Iceland during June 2017 I had a lot of worries. One of them was where was I going to shower?! Luckily, I shouldn't have worried at all because getting a decent shower is actually extremely easy in Iceland.

Best Showering Tip:
Skip the campgrounds showers
head to the local swimming pool

Look for signs like this when you enter a town in Iceland.

Look for signs like this when you enter a town in Iceland.

Some campgrounds don't even have showers but the ones that do are going to cost you money, usually $3 - $5. If you are going to spend money in Iceland it should be at a nicer facility. 

Instead, head to the town's swimming pool. Every town no matter how small has a local swimming pool. As you enter an Icelandic town look for the swimming pool road signs. These will point you in the direction of the local swimming pool. 

Inside the local swimming pool

Once you have found the swimming pool head inside with your toiletries, towel, bathing suit and any other things you may need (like a flat iron for your hair!) 

At the counter, you can ask about the different price points. Some swimming pools have a shower only price which is significantly cheaper than just an entry price. The entry price is dependent on how big the town is, normally the smaller the town the lower the price. The shower price is obviously just to use the showers. A normal entry price means you can use the showers, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and steam baths. One of the swimming pools I went to even have a waterslide! Pick a price point, pay, and enter.

Using the swimming pool

Seriously, this is a local swimming pool in Iceland. 

Seriously, this is a local swimming pool in Iceland. 

Normally, the full-service price is only a dollar or two more than the campsites. The most expensive swimming pool I went to was in Hofn and it was $8. Included in that price was showering of course, plus 3 pools, a steam bath, and a huge waterslide. Totally worth it.

Once inside the main facility, there will be lockers to store your things. If you are using the swimming pool you will have to shower first without your suit. There will be signs on the wall indicating what you need to scrub before you can put your suit on and head into the pool or jacuzzi. 

Using the showers

The showers at the pools usually have hotter water than the campsites and are much nicer and cleaner. Most are going to be touch activated and give you 2-3 minutes of water. You will have to keep pressing to keep showering. In the locker room are huge mirrors to do your hair and most have blow dryers. 

Final Thoughts

The thing I was the most nervous about ended up being one of the coolest experiences in Iceland. I loved how communal the swimming pools were. You saw everyone from tourists, to kids, to elderly locals using the facilities. Even if you aren't camping I would check out a swimming pool!

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One more thing....

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