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Enjoying the gorgeous room at Hotel Ryumeikan in Tokyo

Enjoying the gorgeous room at Hotel Ryumeikan in Tokyo

Name: Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten

Location: 3-4 Kanda-surugadai Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 101-0062, JAPAN

Price: $300+ per night
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  • Japanese style hotel
  • 9 gorgeous rooms
  • Private library
  • Refreshed shower room for early arrival
  • Laundry room
  • Restaurant 1899 OCHANOMIZU
  • Handy (smartphone lending service)

Best tip: Take advantage of their complimentary shower room and refresh yourself before you head out for the day! This makes Hotel Ryumeikan the optimal hotel to start your trip to Japan since most long-haul flights arrive extremely early in the AM.

Stay here if… want a more authentic Japanese experience

Overview of my stay at Hotel Ryumeikan

This hotel was the perfect way to start my trip to Japan. The shower room was an excellent amenity that helped me wash my 14-hour flight off and prepare me for my day. The rooms are cozy and inviting with just enough comforts of home while still feeling authentic. The staff suggested excellent places for me to dine and sight-see at. One of the things that put it completely over the top were all the little extras that were in the room, like a complimentary Yukata, tons of bath amenities, and origami paper. 

Checking into Hotel Ryumeikan

Beautiful check-in desk at Hotel Ryumeikan in Tokyo

Because of my overnight flight, I arrived in Japan at close to 6 in the morning. This is typical for many travelers and after going through customs and navigating myself to Hotel Ryumeikan I walked through the doors a little past 8 am. Excruciatingly early. I expected to simply drop my bags at the front desk and head out into the world. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had a refresh room (which includes a shower) that I took full advantage of. 

Once I returned back to the hotel from my day of sightseeing check in was a breeze. I sipped on complimentary green tea as my passport was scanned and I signed some documents. After this, I was quickly accompanied to my room where I received a full tour of the cozy boutique hotel and my fabulous room. 

The room at Hotel Ryumeikan

You enter the room to a small foyer that holds a bench and closet. An elegant sliding door opens to reveal a small studio apartment that is dripping with contemporary Japanese Tokyo style. Not only is the room beautiful but modern features are everywhere which make you feel quite at home.

A small bar holds a tea kettle and complimentary teas and snacks. A huge bed and small sitting area lie directly in front of you along with a desk/vanity combo. The bathroom is my favorite part of the apartment with a large stone tub that ensures you spend the end of your Tokyo days in luxury. There is also a showerhead if you fancy something quicker. 

Wifi at Hotel Ryumeikan

I have no complaints about the WiFi at Hotel Ryumeikan. I easily surfed the web planning activities, responded to emails and even streamed Netflix. Like I said, home away from home.

Dining at Hotel Ryumeikan

My breakfast set up at Hotel Ryumeikan in Tokyo

Breakfast is optional and an added extra, it is served in the room. Because the hotel is small and boutique this offers a more personalized experience. I ordered the large breakfast and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had it on file I was pescatarian and adjusted the things accordingly. 

When you check in you can request breakfast or order it from your room. I simply picked a time and a small team entered my room (don't worry, they knocked first) and set up my breakfast quietly and quickly. I barely noticed there were there! The food was delicious but the preparation was out of this world. They do have an onsite restaurant but I, unfortunately, did not have enough time to dine there. 

Extras at Hotel Ryumeikan in Tokyo

One of my favorite things about this hotel is all the little extras that come with the room. Authentic teas, sweets, and crackers for you to try were something I immediately dived into. What can I say I love food. I also loved that there was a complimentary Yakuza that you could wear along with socks and traditional wooden sandals. Many people wear these around Tokyo but I choose to enjoy them in the room while I ate breakfast. The vanity kit was also extensive with complimentary creams and a small bit of fabric that you can take way with you. There was also origami papers and instructions on how to fold them for you to experiment during downtime. It's things like this that really put the hotel over the top.

Is Hotel Ryumeikan in a good location?

I didn't mind the location of Hotel Ryumeikan but did find it to be a bit outside the main tourist area. I like this sort of hotel because you really get an insight into "normal" life at your destination. But do take a look at the location before you book and plan accordingly. 

Pictures of Hotel Ryumeikano

Final Thoughts

Definitely stay here for a traditional experience while maintaining the comforts of home. Click here to book your stay at Hotel Ryumeikan.

Also, don't be too overwhelmed. I know planning for Japan can feel like a lot but once you are there it is actually quite easy to get around and choose things to do. Enjoy it!

One last thing... even though researching ahead of time is great, I definitely recommend bringing a guidebook along with you. Here are some books I recommend...

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