NYC’s Iconic And Most Popular Broadway Theaters

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NYC’s Broadway theaters are perhaps the best place in the world to enjoy shows and dazzling stage productions. Some of them have attained iconic status for their intriguing histories and breathtaking architectural details. So, take some time out and visit these theaters to experience art, architecture and music all together!    

Here is a list of popular Broadway theaters in NYC:

Belasco Theatre

Opened in 1907, this popular theatre at 111 West 44th Street in midtown Manhattan is known for its pioneering status in the art of stage lighting. Built by producer David Belasco, its complex lighting board created a lot of flutter in those days. The dazzling interior is marked by expansive murals, rich woodwork, ceiling panels and Tiffany lighting.

Helen Hayes Theater

This theater was first opened in 1912 as the Little Theater and then renamed in 1983. It holds the distinction of having doubled as a TV studio as many talk shows were beamed live from here during the ‘50s and ‘60s. It is the smallest of all theaters on Broadway yet it stands out for its architectural details that include an oval shaped ceiling, colonial style design, red brick façade, white shuttered windows and Juliet balconies.  

Al Hirschfeld Theater

This popular theater was built in 1924 and renamed in 2003 for the legendary New York Times caricaturist Al Hirschfeld. No other theater on Broadway is in the Byzantine style which lends it a unique charm. Further, guests here can see Hirschfeld’s drawings of productions that once played here.   

 Lyceum Theater

Opened in 1903, this theater is one of the two oldest existing theaters on Broadway. It was the first to be bestowed with landmark status in the ‘70s. This popular theater was built by producer David Frohman and two of the most memorable past productions include Venus in Furs and A Night with Janis Joplin.  

Palace Theater

Opened in 1913, this theater first served as a vaudeville venue before being converted to a theater in 1932. In between, it gained countrywide prominence for its stellar stage shows and acts. The 1941 mystery drama Citizen Kane was premiered here and later, it also hosted stage shows by top names from the music industry.

Music Box Theater

Opened in 1921, this beautiful theater is famous for its association with the legendary songwriter Irving Berlin and his musical revues. This gem of a building in the neo-Georgian style appears more like a manor house than a theatre with a colonnade adding to its charm. The 8-foot muralson display chronicle the illustrious career of Berlin.      

Explore the best of Broadway theaters in one of the New York City tours to understand the arts scene of the Big Apple a bit better. 

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