14 photos that prove Morocco is a dream destination

Morocco, and specifically Marrakesh is seriously a dream destination. It has something for everyone and as long as you have some thick skin and you don't mind sweating a little bit you will leave this country wanting more. 

The city center is absolutely stunning to walk around.

And the local sights will leave you breathless...

You can ride a camel only 15 minutes outside of the Marrakesh city center...

...but if you have the time, traveling out to the Sahara to ride one is even better. 

Day trips from the city mean you don't have to go to far to see some raw natural beauty that this country has to offer. 

And seriously if you take any of my advice, let it be to travel to the Sahara

There is amazing shopping, especially for rugs, all around the country.

Drinking mint tea while listening to call to prayer is a surreal experience for everyone.

But my favorite parts were interacting with the local people. So unbelievably friendly. 

Bottom line is go to Morocco...you won't regret it.

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