Machir Casual Duffel Review

Recently I teamed up with Machir to test out one of their high-quality bags.

Machir Travel Bag Review

First off, Machir is a fantastic company that is designing rugged, stylish and durable backpacks, briefcases and carry luggage bags for on the go lifestyles we all live today. All their bags feature high quality fabrics and leather trims. This isn't a bag that will fall apart after a couple of uses. Anyone with an active and adventurous spirit will love any of the collections forms and functions. 

Their bags come in 5 different collections: Casual Collection, Executive Collection, Signature Business Collection, Signature Sport Collection, and Signature Travel Collection. Each collection offers 3 different color options.

Being a more outdoorsy and casual person myself I choose the Navy duffel from the Casual Collection. Out of the box the bag is stylish and quite large. The leather handles and over the shoulder strap give you plenty of options for carrying. There are inside pockets for your wallet and small items, as well as an outside pocket for easy access to phone and keys. 


The zipper on the side of the bag is a nice touch, you can insert your shoes without dirtying your clothes. I also used it for stuffing items I constantly take out of the my bag when I am traveling (charger, wallet) and found it quite convenient I never had to open the whole bag. 

The bag, while casual, is still stylish making it work for pretty much any occasion. It can easily be used for a weekend away or a simple gym bag. Because of the large capacity the bag can hold, I also liked to use it for trips out shooting in the city with my camera. My Tripod, Nikon Camera, and other photo accessories easily fit inside the small bag.

One of the biggest things I love about the Machir duffel is that it is truly unisex. When you live in a small apartment (like the one we are currently in) having not only multipurpose, but multiperson, accessories are a must. My husband, Matt can easily use the bag during work days to pack his gym clothes while I can use it on the weekends for quick trips.

I 100% recommend the Machir bag casual collection and encourage you to check out this up and coming company!

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