How to spend a Day on Lokrum Island In Dubrovnik

One of the best things I did while in Dubrovnik was spending a day wandering around the island of Lokrum. I also had no idea that the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones is on the island!!! (NErd Alert!) Below is a step by step guide to get you there and tips on how to a make the most of Lokrum.

Where is Lokrum Island

Lokrum island is a small island located 600 meters off of the coast of Dubrovnik. I know! Seriously so close! You could probably swim there but I don't suggest it. 

Is there a hotel on Lokrum Island

No. The island itself has a unique history, and it is supposedly cursed for anyone who stays overnight on the island.

How to get to Lokrum Island

Lokrum island is easily accessible via ferry service. There are also small boats that will organize tours for you and private transport but I suggest the ferry service. A round trip ticket costs ____. 

Walking around Lokrum Island

When you land on the island there will be a huge map that shows out all of the points of interest on the island. Also along the trails are tons of markers indicating which way to go for various sights.  The island is full of gorgeous gardens, exotic animals, and nude beaches. 

Best places to go on Lokrum Island

The whole island is fantastic but I spent the most time at Location 5 (The Rocks) and Location 6 (The Dead Sea). Use the map on the island (and picture of the map above) to find those points once you get to the island.

Game of thrones and Lokrum Island

In the center of the island is a small building that houses a self guided tour of Game of thrones history and Lokrum Island. The island is used heavily in the HBO show Game of Thrones (as well as the entire city of Dubrovnik) and you can watch cast interviews and learn more history on the island.

Also, the Iron Throne (replica obviously) is located in this building and you can take a picture on it! Have your fun and pretend you are Dani, or Jon Snow, or Stannis, or Ned, or Sansa - seriously who do you think should be on the Iron Throne at the end?

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