Jökulsárlón: Glacier Lagoon Iceland

The glacier lagoon in Iceland can not be hyped enough. It is spectacular. I knew I wanted to visit but I wish I had known ahead of time just how incredible it is. 

The true name is Jökulsárlón but it is commonly referred to as glacial lagoon. The lagoon borders Vatnajökull National Park in southeastern Iceland. It has perfectly still ice blue waters that are dotted with icebergs from the surrounding Glacier.

The lagoon flows under a bridge and into the Atlantic Ocean, creating another top Iceland sight: Diamond Beach. Diamond beach is littered with chunks of ice on a pitch black sand beach.

In the winter, the fish-filled lagoon plays hosts hundreds of seals. Any time of year is great to visit this fantastic lagoon. Do not miss it. 

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Tours near Jökulsárlón

In Jökulsárlón you can ride Zodiac boats around the lagoon for a closer look. There are also many tour companies that can take you onto the glacier for a walk on the ice. There is only one company, however, that lets you tour the ice with a view of Jökulsárlón. Click here to learn more

Where to camp near Jökulsárlón


Camping in Iceland is tricky. Technically you are only supposed to camp in designated campsites. In many of the top attractions in Iceland, there are signs instructing you not to camp in that location. I arrived at Jökulsárlón around 12:30 am. The lot was already filled with at least 20 campers, big and small, camping right in front of the lagoon. I am not saying you should break the rules just giving you all the information.

Full disclosure: I camped in front of Jökulsárlón.

What to see at Jökulsárlón

Obviously, the glacier lagoon is a big draw. Don't forget to walk under the bridge and visit Diamond Beach. I have heard it comes down to luck and tides to see big icebergs on the beach. I got very lucky and they were everywhere when I visited.

Final thoughts

Don't miss this place and schedule a sufficient amount of time. I highly suggest switching your body clock and sleeping during the day so you can stay up all night to view the signs near Jökulsárlón. You can read my full article about reverse sleeping in Iceland here.  

One more thing....

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