How to visit Kravica Waterfall from Mostar - Bosnia

I visited Kravica waterfall while on a tour with Bestination Tours (which I totally recommend - more here). It was the highlight of my day exploring the countryside. Now I will say I am biased. I LOVE waterfalls. I search for them in EVERY country I go to. But Kravica Waterfall really did blow me away.

How to get to Kravica Waterfall from Mostar

So how do you visit the beautiful Kravica Waterfall from Mostar? Let me tell you visiting is easy! The waterfall is only about 40 kilometers south of Mostar.

Visiting Kravica Waterfall with a tour guide

Like I said before, I went with  Bestination Tours which I highly recommend! Contact them by email at 

From Sarajevo or Dubrovnik there are many tour companies that will take you to the waterfall.

Can you drive yourself to Kravica Waterfall from Mostar?

Of course! Like I said before the drive is only about 40 kilometers or around a 50 minute drive. Also, driving in Bosnia is very easy. Many of the signs are in English and have big icons to indicated what kind of site is ahead. Google maps worked fine for me in Bosnia and Herzegovina (and Croatia) and you can use it to navigate yourself to the waterfall.

Once you reach Kravica Waterfall there is a one lane road that takes you most of the way down to the river. Just before the waterfall is a parking lot. From the parking lot it is a short 5 minute walk to the base of the falls.

Public Transport to Kravica Waterfall

As far as I know there isn't public transport to the falls. If anyone has any tips please leave them in the comments so I can update this guide!

Either way, don’t miss this beautiful waterfall when visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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A must stop place in Bosnia - Kravica Waterfall outside of Mostar!  Tessa Juliette

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