How to visit Kinderdijk from Amsterdam

Kinderdijk is a gorgeous village about 100 km south of Amsterdam. It is popular for tourists because of its large collection of windmills. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site (joined in 1997).

The Easiest way to get to Kinderdijk from Amsterdam

By far the easiest way to get to Kinderdijk from Amsterdam is to rent a car. This is what I did when I visited the beautiful village. I combined my trip to Kinderdijk with the flower strip route during tulip season and was out basically all day. More info on seeing the tulips outside Amsterdam here.

If you are driving straight from Amsterdam to Kinderdijk you can expect the route to take around an hour a half to two hours depending on traffic.

Is it possible to take public transport to Kinderdijk?

Yes, but it is slow and tedious.
The best way to get to Kinderdijk by train is to take a train from any major city in the Netherlands to the railway station Rotterdam Lombardijen. Once you arrive at the station, cross the street and tram lines to get to the bus stop. Two bus connections will take you to the bus stop Kinderdijk, Molenkade:

  • Bus 90 operates hourly, 7 days a week, and has Utrecht CS as its final destination. The ride takes about 45 minutes.
  • Bus 190 is a special bus that operates infrequently. It only seems to reach Kinderdijk during morning rush hours.

How much is it to enter Kinderdijk?

It is actually free to enter Kinderdijk. I made the mistake of buying a ticket at the entrance. The ticket was to enter the main windmill museum - which I will admit was pretty cool. The ticket will also give you access to a short film, I skipped this. Again, if you just want to walk around the village and admire the windmills it is free!

What is there to do & see in Kinderdijk?

Obviously windmills! In total, there are 19 windmills that were built in 1740 to drain the Albasserwaard. Do be aware that it is totally dependent on the weather if the mills are in operation or not. Like I stated above, I think it is worth the 8 euro to buy a ticket to the main windmill museum. The inside isn't what you might expect!

There is also a canal boat that will take you on a ride for an up close look at the windmills. 

Renting bikes is a popular way to explore the windmills and land surrounding them!

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One of the best day trips to take from Amsterdam. Kinderdijk is one of the top things to do in Netherlands and you shouldn't miss it while visiting Amsterdam. Also, it is an easy day trip from Amsterdam!  Tessa Juliette

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