5 Great Ways to Help Fund the Costs of Your Travels

Planning a vacation is always an exciting time, but with every major trip comes the decisions on how to fund your dream trip. It is actually quite common for people to miss out on traveling because they know their dream trip is not possible due to lack of funds. It can be very frustrating to desire these exotic destinations but yet they remain out of reach. The good news: You can travel the world and find a way to pay for it. There are so many ways to create revenue for the sole purpose of helping fund your travel costs. 

Regardless of where you are going and how long, your first step should be to create a budget and immediately research all travel logistics and activities available. This will help determine the amount of money you will have to save. Once you have an idea of the amount of money needed to travel, you can begin the saving process. Implementing a savings plan that will help you gradually build-up to the amount of money you need is a popular method. Many people save their money by transferring funds to their savings periodically. 

Your dream vacation is closer than you think. Take these budgeting steps to get there faster.

Your dream vacation is closer than you think. Take these budgeting steps to get there faster.

Regardless of how you choose to save, the most important thing is to be sure you stay consistent with your plan. For more expensive trips you may need to find new ways to make more money. Here are ways you can actively create new revenue that can be used for your travel savings. 

Start a Crowdfunding Campaign

Starting a campaign through Go Fund Me or Indiegogo can be a great way to raise money for your vacation. Many travelers do this when they are traveling long distances that require a bigger budget. Crowdfunding is a form of fundraising online. Anyone can do it and it can be for any cause, whether it is beneficial to the world or not. Take a moment to set up a campaign and allow your friends and family to donate to your travel fund. 

Post your campaign on your social media accounts to get more exposure. The more people who see your campaign, the more donations you will bring in. Make sure to include a descriptive message about your vacation and why you are going. This will help people understand your trip and encourage them to contribute.

Limit Expenses

Seems obvious, but spending less money means you will have more money to add to your savings. Try to cut back on your expenses when you are planning to take a trip somewhere new. Your goal is to put more money in your pocket, and in turn, save money for your travels. Cut back on any unnecessary costs that you may have. This can mean canceling memberships and subscriptions that you don’t use, cutting back on dining out, and simply spending intelligently. 

It may be difficult to stop spending money on things you’re used to buying. I find it helps to have a constant reminder of my dream trip somewhere I look often. I suggest making your phone background a gorgeous photo of your dream location. If you keep the trip in your mind at all times you will remember why you are cutting back. Plus, it will make impulse purchases easier to say no to. If you enjoy shopping sprees and eating out often this will help you save much more. Remember even just Starbucks and “cheap” food like Wendy’s add up quickly. Not to mention, cutting back can be beneficial to your life overall, helping you break unhealthy habits like caffeine addictions, going out too much, and other spending addictions. 

Work Odd Jobs

Uber is a popular way to save money quickly for a dream vacation.

Uber is a popular way to save money quickly for a dream vacation.

Odd jobs are always there and available for when you need extra money. You can start babysitting when you have free time to bring in extra cash. If you enjoy pets, dog walking is also another fun way to bring in more revenue. There are even apps, like Wag, that are made specifically for dog walkers. Other apps, like TaskRabbit, help you find odd jobs like cleaning homes for extra money. Also consider simply house siting for friends.  

If you have a vehicle, a popular side job is driving for a ridesharing app like Lyft or Uber. Ridesharing apps are becoming the primary way most people get to and from destinations. Take advantage of the convenience that comes with this to help you make—and save—money fast.

Don’t forget to look online to find odd jobs in your area. Other odd jobs you could work are:

  • Pet sitting

  • Participate in clinical trials

  • Become a translator

  • Join a focus group

  • Take surveys

Start a Travel Blog

If you aspire to be a traveler, or simply desire to travel more, you can start a blog based on your travels. Starting a blog is easy these days with helpful online services that will guide you through the entire website building process, from finding a well-suiting domain name, to the design and marketing strategies. 

Your blog can be about your travels and could create more revenue for your travel savings. Of course, speaking from experience, this method takes a lot of time and much more effort to even begin bringing in a small amount of money. But, if you become dedicated and stay consistent you can build your travel savings sooner than you think. Make sure to implement a good marketing strategy to help you gain exposure and more visitors. The more traffic you get to your website the more opportunities to make a profit. 

Sell Unwanted Items Online

Selling clothes online will help you save for that dream vacation much quicker.

Selling clothes online will help you save for that dream vacation much quicker.

We all have things we don’t necessarily use or want that can be sold for cash. Would you let go of your unwanted things if it meant you could be traveling more? Of course! Whether it be clothing, furniture, or electronics, you can make a good chunk of money selling the things you no longer need or want.

If you have expensive shoes and designer handbags, you can most definitely build your travel savings fund quickly. Selling your things probably isn’t going to boost your savings alone. There are many sites you can sell your things on, from Facebook Marketplace to eBay. Though selling things online has become the best way to find potential buyers, if you aren’t having luck try selling some items to your friends or to consignment stores in your area like Plato’s Closet. 

To really see a change in your savings, combine this with one or more of the other ways I’ve listed to bring in revenue fast.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what destination you want to travel to, it is important that you build a budget and start saving. This is especially true for those who think they can’t afford to travel. To build your budget faster consider side jobs and selling some of your things. You’d be surprised how much you can save simply by cutting back on bad spending habits. Extra money will simply appear in your pockets! The money is there, you just have to be smart about it. 

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