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21 Nettleton at a glance

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Name: 21 Nettleton

Location: 21 Nettleton Road, Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa

Price: $550 - $700 a night


  • 6 Rooms
  • Pool
  • Private Access to Lions Head Trail

Best tip: Don't miss the fantastic canapes served daily during sundown.

Stay here if…
…you are planning a romantic getaway
…you want a small, unique, and personalized hotel


Driving to 21 Nettleton

If you are worried about driving from the airport to 21 Nettleton, don't be, it's a breeze. Before arrival, 21 Nettleton will reach out to be sure you don't need an airport transfer. (complimentary) 21 Nettleton also offered to arrange a rental car to be dropped off at the house (an additional fee) so I wouldn't have to deal with the car rental desk at the airport. I opted to rent a car, and simply pick it up at the airport because I like having my own form of transport. Renting a car is super cheap so I definitely recommend it, you can read more here.LINK

The route from the airport to Nettleton is very easy, mostly highways and google maps easily directed me to the hotel and around Cape Town during my stay. The driveway into Nettleton is extremely steep and I will say I was very glad I had Matt with me to drive that portion. But, if you are worried about driving the steep driveway yourself you can easily ask one of the workers in the mansion to drive and park it for you.

Checking into 21 Nettleton

Staircase leading to rooms at 21 Nettleton

Check in was a breeze. Upon driving in, we were greeted at the street by a member of the staff who opened the gate for us. After driving up the steep hill another staff member was at the door with fresh hot towels and a welcoming smile. Porters grabbed our bags from our trunk and they were whisked away to our room. We stepped inside the hotel which can best be described as a beautiful mansion. Welcome drinks awaited us in the living room and we walked the grounds while the hotel manager explained breakfast times, daily canapes, and helped us plan our time in Cape Town. 

Once we were dazzled by the stunning living room, beautiful pool and spacious outdoor area we climbed the winding staircase to our room.

The Room at 21 Nettleton

The penhouse bedroom at 21 Nettleton

I can easily see why 21 Nettleton is one of the top hotels on every website. Because the huge mansion that sits so far up Nettleton hill it has some of the best views of the dramatic Cape Town coastline. Each room has fantastic views, but I was lucky enough to stay in the penthouse. Our room wrapped around the entire top floor and came with 4 different balconies for us to enjoy the views from. 

Stepping inside the room, a foyer greets you with a small bathroom just to the right that included a built-in sauna in the shower. The foyer exited to a large sitting area with a table for us to eat meals. After that was a large bedroom with a beautiful king size bed that looked so welcoming after 36 hours of travel. Next was a smaller sitting room with a comfy couch and a fireplace as well as a 3D TV with an Apple TV attached. Finally, the last room was a large bathroom with a tub, another huge shower with a waterfall shower head and closets for our things. Do be aware that this penthouse can also be split into two rooms if you do not wish to rent the full top floor.

Our bags arrived before we did as well as a small bowl of welcome fruit and a complimentary mini bar stocked to the brim with South African wines, water, and juices. Before leaving, the manager explained how the in-room iPad worked. Instead of phones in the rooms like typical hotels anytime you want to talk to reception you send a quick text on the iPad. This added feature was great and we utilized it many times during our entire 3-night stay. The iPad is also loaded with CNN, Guardian and various other news sources which Matt loved. 

Wifi at 21 Nettleton

The wifi at 21 Nettleton covers the entire house and worked perfectly throughout our stay. We even streamed Netflix at night on my computer with no problems. I answered emails with ease and trip planned while laying in bed. Zero complaints here.

Dining at 21 Nettleton

Dining at 21 Nettleton

There is no onsite restaurant but breakfast is provided complimentary with your stay. It is served every morning downstairs, but one morning we asked to have breakfast in our room. If you choose to have breakfast downstairs, laid out are granola, yogurt, pastries, and fruit. A made to order menu is available for more filling options. Because the hotel is so small and personal any dietary specifications are easily met. I loved the ginger shots the kitchen provided every morning, Matt wasn't as big of a fan. 

For dinner one night, Matt and I ordered food to the house (using Uber Eats) and the staff provided plates and cutlery in our room to make dining easier. It is little extras like this that really make 21 Nettleton the perfect hotel.

Onsite extras at 21 Nettleton

What comes with 21 Nettleton is Cape town South Africa

Everything at 21 Nettleton feels like you have stepped foot into a movie. For me, I felt like I was in the mansion from Beauty and the Beast (without the Stockholm syndrome and fear of death in a dungeon). The mansion plays gorgeous piano throughout the house and the staff is always one step ahead. On the morning we attempted to hike Lions Head, key work...attempted (more on that here)LINK they had bottled water and apples waiting for us. After seeing how much I loved the ginger shots the first morning they brought us out a shot the following morning before I even asked.

Canapes are served each day during sundown and not only do you get a couple of cocktails but also a board of appetizers to pick at. Beds are turned down each night and a different pastry is left bedside. iPads are preloaded with news channels and help for anything you need is a simple text away. Powerstrips are in every room to charge all your electronics with ease. Private hiking access to Lions Head makes an early morning hike a breeze. Not to mention the artwork that lines the hallways is so beautifully curated there is no need to go to a museum during your trip. 

Yeah....this hotel is perfect in every way.

21 Nettleton Pictures

Final Thoughts for 21 Nettleton in Cape Town

If I haven't already made it abundantly clear, you should stay at 21 Nettleton. The hotel is the perfect amount of charm and grandiose without seeming imposing and the staff is attentive without being overbearing. It is 100% worth every cent and you will not find a better hotel in Cape Town. 

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