Hotel More Review | Dubrovnik, Croatia


Name: Hotel More

Location: Ul. kardinala Stepinca 33, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Price: Starting at $214 | Book It


  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Pool

Stay here if…you don’t mind being a 10 minute cab ride away from old town.


Checking in & The Room at Hotel More

Unfortunately, I did not have a great experience at Hotel More. Upon arrival I found my room to be directly opposite construction. There were multiple male workers basically on my small balcony working on the hotel's extension. Not only was the noise extremely irritating but honestly, I felt entirely uncomfortable having 3-4 men easily able to see straight into my room. Closing the curtains would have sufficed but the already small room would have felt entirely claustrophobic that way. Plus I like natural light in my room (I don't think that is a lot to ask for) and found it unacceptable I was being forced to close my curtains.

After deciding if I should or should not attempt to tough it out for two nights in the room I was given I decided to call down to reception to see if there was another room available. After a couple of phone calls back in forth, with a clearly irritated receptionist, it was determined there was a room available directly across the hall. The only downside is it was still being cleaned from previous guests and wouldn’t be available for another 30 minutes. I had dinner reservations that night and had to rush to repack my belongings so my luggage could be moved while I was out at dinner.

Great view except for the air conditioning units...

Great view except for the air conditioning units...

While I am grateful that I could be moved into another room I have to question why the hotel is still trying to fill that room at all. The construction is not only incredibly loud and directly next to the only window in the room, but it is also inappropriate to have guests occupying a room that the construction workers have a clear line of sight into. Since it is Hotel More's construction (an extension to their hotel) I think that room should be closed down. No guest deserves that kind of treatment, especially on a nice vacation in am expensive room. At the end of the day, I especially didn't feel comfortable knowing 4 men were aware that myself and my female friend (who was traveling with me) were in that room alone. 

And I have to ask, what would have happened had there not been another room available? I can tell you in my case, I wouldn’t have stayed. Meaning I would have had to spend time, energy and money finding another available hotel last minute to move to. In other cases for those who would have stayed, how enjoyable would their vacation have been? I can guess it would have put a damper on things.

Then, once we moved rooms I found the hotel to be a bit dreary. Instead of adding an extension they should be updating the rooms. Ants were crawling on the floor, the bathroom was old and needs a dire renovation and the rooms were extremely tiny with barely enough room for a full bed to fit inside. I had to move chairs around (and stick one in the closet) just to find room to open my luggage. 

Wi-Fi at Hotel More

The Wi-Fi worked fine in the rooms, but when I attempted to get some work done on their boardwalk that overlooks the ocean the internet connection did not reach. Disappointing.

Breakfast & Dining at Hotel More

The breakfast buffet at Hotel More was full of variety and refreshed often. In addition to the typical buffet items you could also order eggs fresh from the kitchen.

Area around Hotel More

Hotel More is situated on a lovely bay about 10 minutes outside of Dubrovnik. To get to Dubrovnik's old town you have two options: A 10-minute cab ride (about 100 Kuna or $15 each way) or a local bus. There are a couple of good restaurants walking distance from the hotel, including Atlantic Social which I ate at my last night in Dubrovnik and absolutely loved.

Onsite extras at Hotel More

There is a small gym with very little natural or artificial light. The spa is also quite small. The pool and main deck were under construction during my stay. 

Final Thoughts for Hotel More

A hotel that is in dire need of an upgrade. I found it quite obvious that they don’t care about guest experiences and only about filling rooms. The room I was originally placed in should be shut down during construction. Stay here at your own risk - but I suggest finding a different hotel.

Pictures of Hotel More

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