Best Restaurants and Bars in Hong Kong

You better come hungry to Hong Kong because it is a foodie heaven. From Instagramable food to delicious bang for your buck meals there is so much to eat here. Click on any of the pictures for a larger version and if you have any questions leave a comment below!

The One Restaurant You Can't Miss in Hong Kong

Tim Ho Wan

Sham Shui Po  |  Central   |  Olympic  |  North Point

No list of best restaurants in Hong Kong is complete without this amazing staple. Not only is the food delicious but you can also check a Michelin star restaurant off bucket list your list - without breaking the bank. (No, seriously, this restaurant holds the title of cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world)

Of course, the restaurant is very famous, so there is a high chance that you’ll need to wait for a table - especially if you go at peak hours. They do have multiple branches so make sure you are heading to the right one. Once you get there you'll get a small sheet that has the full menu on it. Use your pencil to mark down what you want sent to the table. Make sure you try the pork buns!

The Best Cheap Eats in Hong Kong

Kam Shan Seafood Restaurant

Four Seasons Clay Pot Rice

Kam Shan Seafood Restaurant

Location  Menu

Our first night in Hong Kong the group wanted to head to Temple Street for some authentic food. Our wonderful guide, Sidney, look us to this very local place that served delicious (and cheap) dim sum. Come here expecting modest decor and barely any English speakers. I suggest having an app (like google translate on your phone) so you can read the menu.

Four Seasons Clay Pot Rice

Location  Menu

Four Seasons under cheap eats? Yeah, it's not that one. If you were expecting the hotel by the same name you'll be disappointed. This restaurant is a garage type food court with some of the best savory meals you'll ever try. They even have a veggie mushroom option. Rice is cooked in a clay pot and the result is a crispy rice around the edges with moist rice in the middle.

The Best Vegetarian Food in Hong Kong

Mana Storefront


Central  |  Cafe (Sheung Wan)Menu

Best described as “fast food” vegetarian stop here for wraps, salad bowls, desserts, juices. All of it is vegetarian and relatively cheap. Do know that it gets extremely busy especially around lunch. There are multiple locations all with large menus of veggie international food.

Kung Woo Beancurd Factory


Don't let the description of beancurd throw you off, this is just what they call tofu here. With a large variety of veggie options, all made in-house this place is a gem. Grab stuff to go or find a seat in their tiny dining room. The meat-eating group I traveled with loved this place!

The Best Expensive Eats in Hong Kong

The star entree at T'ang Court: The Golden Crab

T'ang Court

Location  Website  Menu

Located in the gorgeous 5-star hotel, The Langham, this Cantonese Restaurant is pricey but worth it for the experience. The 3 Michelin star restaurant serves classic food with unique twists. Reservation is required.


The Must Eat Street Food in Hong Kong

Mammy Pancake on Temple Street
Hong Kong Egg Waffle

Mammy Pancake

Temple Street   |  Sheung Wan  |  Menu

Mammy is a chain and it's a must do while in Hong Kong. The extremely tasty dessert street food is the perfect treat for a hot day or end at the night. Look for the rainbow neon sign and the egg waffles in the window. 

So what is this pancake? First, it's delicious. They are actually in the states as well but we know them as egg waffles and it's another essential food that is a must try while in Hong Kong. The egg waffle basically tastes like a Belgium waffle. You can get it in a variety of ways, but I had it in a cup shaped like a cone with ice cream and sprinkles in it. 

Best Tea Houses in Hong Kong

Lin Heung Teahouse

Location (Central)  |  Menu

CNN rated it as having the best dim sum atmosphere and that's just one of the reasons you definitely need to go here. At the tea house, you'll find more traditional experiences like communal tables and a roaring loudness that will bring a smile to your face. 

Lock Cha Tea Shop

Location  Website

Another great choice for vegetarians and vegans. This shop not only has excellent food and authentic service but it also is set in a beautiful house. It is a bit expensive.

The Best Coffee Houses in Hong Kong

% Arabica in Hong Kong

Urban Roast Coffee

Location  |  Website

This cozy spot will make you feel like you've stepped into a teleportation device and traveled to Brooklyn. The hipster inside is a welcome refuge when exploring chaotic Sham Shui Po, especially on a hot day. While the inside may seem cliche and overdone these days, the coffee is the reason to come. It's spectacular. Grab some coffee beans to take home with you or give as a gift to your favorite coffee fanatic, you'll thank me later.

% Arabica

Location  Website

This hip and modern coffee shop hails originally from Japan, but its Hong Kong location is just as great. Stop in for a coffee to go. There are no seats here so yeah, you kind of have to take it to go.

Best Restaurant For Roast Meat in Hong Kong

Yau Wun Roast Meat


As a vegetarian, this obviously wasn't on my list of places to try but I had many recommend it. Apparently, the roast pork belly here is the best in all of Hong Kong, make sure you order it.

Most Instagramable Restaurant in Hong Kong

Yum Cha in Hong Kong is one of the best restaurants you have to try

Yum Cha

Langham Place Tsim Sha Tsui  |  Central  Mong Kok 

There are a couple of different locations (all with different hours - some close midday) that serve some of the most Instagramable food you've ever seen. Like I detailed in this Instagram, the food we ordered was only OK.  But, we did eat there after Tim Ho Wan and only ordered the "cute" dishes. Friends of mine ate there for a more substantial meal and said the regular noodles and rice dishes were great.

Best Bars in Hong Kong

View from Ozone - the worlds highest bar

View from Ozone - the worlds highest bar

The bar inside Ozone   Source

The bar inside Ozone



I'm not a huge drinker but you can't miss this place. Ozone is also known as the highest bar in the world. Located on the top of the Ritz Carlton in Kowloon, Ozone requires two elevators to reach it. It's definitely on the pricey side and you should dress up. But, all the cocktails are delicious and inventive and the price is worth it for the view alone.

An amazing drink at J Boroski
Sorry for the awful quality. This is the most insane drink I've ever tried. It's made with Szechuan peppercorns and a bunch of other spices. If you like spicy try this - but beware!

J Boroski


One of the coolest bars I've ever been to in my life, the inside is cozy and inviting with dark wood panels and low lights. But first, you have to find it. If you've been to the speakeasies in NYC (or other major cities) you'll understand the concept immediately. Make a reservation to ensure you'll find the door (and get a table) or wander down the dark alleyway off Pottinger Street in Central to try and walk in yourself.

Once inside, the bartenders can make you anything you like based on which flavor profiles you favor. If you like spicy things ask for Hell on Earth Part 5 - The Pain Never Stops. Yes that's the real name of it. It goes without saying but, beware, I love all things spicy and it was a challenge for me to drink.

Also, try and find another hidden door within the bar. If you do you'll be treated to another miniature secret room that plays something interesting inside.

The Old Man


I didn't make end up making it here (like I said, I'm not a huge drinker) but others in my group did and said this was a must do. The tiny space pays homage to Hemingway with inspiring cocktails that are perfectly made. Expect a queue because it is tiny inside.

Final Thoughts

One last thing... even though researching ahead of time is great, I definitely recommend bringing a guidebook along with you.

Lonely Planet Pocket Guides are my absolute favorite because, as the name suggests, they are tiny enough to fit in a pocket or a small bag while still giving you a ton of information. But, here are some other books I recommend as well...

Also, a super common question I get is: What camera do I use for my travels. The body is a Nikon D3300 and I use the kit lens and a Sigma wide-angle lens which I am genuinely obsessed with.

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