Geo Hotel Grindavík Review | South Iceland


Name: Geo Hotel Grindavík

Location: Víkurbraut 58, Grindavík, Iceland

Price: Starting at $175| Book It

Property: 36 double and family rooms 

Best Tip: This is a great hotel to use as a starting (or ending) point in Iceland. Extremely close to the Blue Lagoon and Keflavik International Airport.

Stay here if… you are getting in early or late to Keflavik Internation Airport. It is only 20 minutes away!


Checking in & the room at Geo Hotel Grindavík


Check in was extremely quick and easy. I was quickly shown my room, a standard double. It was small but efficient. A queen bed, wardrobe, and small desk made up the main room. The bathroom had a nice walk-in shower and vanity.  The room came with a kettle which was perfect for cooking my cup of noodles. Budget travelers take note!

Breakfast at Geo Hotel Grindavík

The breakfast spread at Geo Hotel Grindavík was very typical European. Museli, cereals, cheese, bread and hard boiled eggs. It got the job done and was filling. There were multiple juices and yogurts as well. I chowed down on some toast and jam and left extremely content. Although it doesn't take much to please me, food is food in my eyes.

Geo Hotel Grindavík also has a coffee and tea station set up for guest use that is available 24/7. I definitely took advantage and drank way too much hot chocolate. 

There is no dinner service at the hotel so do make other plans. As I stated above, my plan was a cup of noodles, which was delicious thanks for asking. Within a 10 minute walk from the hotel, you will find a supermarket, bank, outdoor thermal swimming pool, church, cafes, restaurants, gasoline stations, and a busy fishing harbor.

Wifi at Geo Hotel Grindavík

WiFi is always what guests are most concerned about, myself included. I usually work from the road and plan as I go so a properly functioning and efficient WiFi is key. No complaints here. Geo Hotel Grindavík WiFi was easy to access and free throughout the guesthouses and hotel. I streamed music, watched Netflix and answered e-mails easily.

Geo Hotel Grindavík Location

Geo Hotel Grindavík location is one of the main draws of this hotel. Although the room and hotel are sufficient enough I love this hotels proximity to the Blue Lagoon and Keflavik International Airport. This is a great hotel to start or end your trip at for that reason alone. I choose to end my trip at Geo Hotel before heading to the airport in the morning. It was reassuring to be so close by to Keflavik. Instead of an hour ride from Reykjavik, I was only 20 minutes away. 
P.S. I have a full guide to visiting the Blue Lagoon here!

Final Thoughts

Geo Hotel Grindavík is a great hotel to check out while you are in Iceland. I would definitely stay here again.

Pictures of Geo Hotel Grindavík

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