My Visit to Salzburg

We originally had only planned to stay in Salzburg for about an hour in the morning before heading off to Hallstatt. We walked into the city bright and early in the morning and quickly realized that we wouldn't be making it to Hallstatt that day.

Salzburg blew me away with its baroque buildings and gorgeous alpine views. It was an easy city to walk around and get entirely lost in the best possible way. Even though the city is extremely old it had a fantastic way of bringing old and new together seamlessly.

We started out the day wandering the winding streets of Salzburgs Altstadt (old city). Salzburg was put on the map back in 1756 when Mozart was born in the small town. His house is a main tourist destination even though he actually left the city as soon as he could and headed for Vienna, stating that Salzburg was boring to him.

We wandered through the gardens of Schloss Mirabell (Schloss meaning palace or castle) and this is around the time we decided not to head to Hallstatt and instead stay in Salzburg for the day. We were both in love with the well manicured gardens and how quiet they were. Just another benefit of traveling during shoulder season.

Matt managed to capture the perfect picture of me in awe over the changing trees. After living in Miami for most of my life I am not quite sure how I lived without the season most normal people call fall (although once winter hits I remember instantly why I love constant summer).

After the gardens we headed to the Salzburg Cathedral and Peterfriedhof or St Peters Cemetery. Their cemeteries origins date back to 700 and the first tombstone is from 1288. It was closed in 1878 and then laid in decay until the monks of St Peters urged for new admissions in the 1930s.

From there we headed to Hohensalzburg Castle which is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. You can take a cable car to the top of the hill (11€ which includes admission) or you can walk up for free and pay admission at the door (8€).

The views from the top are spectacular and even though we were visiting on a foggy day I couldn't stop staring.

Inside the castle there are tons of places to explore as well as a small museum with some well preserved medieval rooms.

The tower tour (included in admission) gives you 360 degree views of Salzburg.  Absolutely breathtaking.

From the castle we walked a small hill to the best look out point of Salzburg and relaxed as the sun went down.

Matt chose to watch the sunset while I couldn't stop staring at the castle. I have an obsession.

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