5 Tips For Staying Safe At The Beach This Summer

We all love a day at the beach, whether the kids are building sandcastles (or burying each other) while you’re enjoying some quiet time catching up on a bestseller, or you’re enjoying some much needed time with your partner. The beach has something for everyone to enjoy. But it’s also very important to follow simple safety advice while visiting the beach to ensure a lovely day at the shore doesn’t turn into a potentially dangerous situation.

Here you’ll find some super simple tips to follow so you can have the best summer yet.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Sun Protection

Summer is all about the perfect bright warm weather and this good weather means plenty of sunshine. But you can have too much of a good thing. We’re all aware of the dangers of UV rays and how too much exposure can damage our skin and even our eyes. Make sure your eyes have adequate protection from the suns UV and UBV rays – invest in a high quality pair of sunglasses like these cat eye sunglasses from Eye Buy Direct. They are ideal for keeping your eyes protected from the sun. You also should invest in a good sunscreen with a high SPF factor. Lastly, be sure to pack a sun hat that covers your neck. 

Stay Together 

Beach days are here again, make sure you stay safe at the beach with these tips.

Beach days are here again, make sure you stay safe at the beach with these tips.

The beach is a big place, with lots of people who are also hoping for a fun filled day. So, if you’re planning on going paddling or swimming (especially with the kids) make sure you keep everyone close. Little ones can be easily knocked off their feet even in the shallowest of water. Be sure you’re with them and that they’re within reach. The beach will probably be busy, so make sure you’re children don’t wander off and that you have a specific zone that they’re not allowed to wander away from. 

Check The Tide

This is especially important if you are visiting a beach while traveling. A beach at home is much safer than a beach while away simply because of the frequency you visit it. You know what to look out for. Beaches on vacations are new and exciting but can be potentially harmful due to unforeseen circumstances.

It’s always a good idea to check the tide times before you hit the beach, but it’s always worth checking for a second time when you get there. Make sure you do plenty of research and you’re aware of any local hazards, such as quick sand, jelly fish and even falling debris from the cliffs above. Remember that the tide can come in very quickly and things can change within an instant. Check the tide times and don’t get caught out.

Be sure to find shade on the sunniest of beach days.

Be sure to find shade on the sunniest of beach days.

Keep Drinking Lots of Water

It’s imperative on hot days that you keep drinking plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated. Remember that not all liquids are created equal. Water is best and hydrates you the quickest while sodas and juices can dehydrate you quicker in the sun! Make sue you bring a refillable water bottle with you to the beach and don’t leave it behind in the car! 

Shade is important

You might be looking forward to stretching out in the sun and getting a tan, but it’s important to always have shade so you can get a little relief from the powerful rays. It’s not always easy to find shade on a crowded, and wide open beach so try and create your own. A parasol, wind breaker, a tent, or a sunshade will certainly provide you with all the much needed rest from the sun you need on a hot summers day.

Last, and most importantly, remember to have fun!

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