Fun Things To Do For First-Timers In Miami, Florida

In case you’re planning to go to Miami, Florida, here are some of the things you can do to enjoy this place, especially if it’s your first time:

Visit The Museums

If you’re going somewhere new for the first time, then you need to include visiting museums as part of the list of must-dos. In fact, this is among the best ways to get to know the place better.

Some of the best museums you should visit are:

  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, an Italian Renaissance-style villa that is popular not just for its backdrop but also its collection of European antiques and decorative works.

  • Frost Museum of Science, which is popular for its sea creatures and planetarium.

  • Miami Children’s Museum, where kids can pretend to be grown-ups.

  • Perez Art Museum Miami, a contemporary art museum.

  • Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

Try Local Food

What’s the point of traveling if you’re not going to try local foods, right?

Authentic Cuban sandwich, which is a mixture of a roasted pork, ham, mustard, Swiss cheese, and Cuban bread, is one of the must-try foods when in Miami. Cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit milkshakes are also worth lining up for, so make sure you give it a try. Miami is also a home to some of the best breweries in America, so add this in your list of to-do’s while you are in town. Make sure you still have space in your stomach for wine made from avocados and other tropical fruits.

The boardwalk also houses tons of food kiosks like soft serve ice cream and beach-side bars, so spare few dollars to try them.

Go To The Beach

One of the most fun things to do in Miami is check out the beach

You cannot go to Miami, Florida without visiting their beaches, which is one of the best in the world. South Beach is the most popular beach in the state and is packed with both locals and tourists, but if you want something deserted or a tropical island vibe, then Crandon Park would be your best choice.

You can always lounge and sunbathe by the beach to get a tan but don’t limit yourself with that. There are many things you can do while on the beach such as playing beach sports, boat rental to explore the sea or try water sports. You can find booths that rent out water sports equipment, so make sure you take advantage of it while you’re there. Also, Miami is at the South East tip of Florida which gives you access to day trips to the Bahamas and Jamaica.

Enjoy The Nightlife

Enjoying the nightlife in Miami is something you must do.

Aside from the beach, nightlife in Miami is something you should look forward to. Miami has a buzzing nightlife that is not only limited to clubs.

There are bars that provide live jazz music or free salsa dancing lessons. If you prefer something more upbeat, there are clubs that feature some of the most popular EDM artists, DJs, and rap stars. If you’re lucky, you might run into celebrities like Lil Wayne or one of the Kardashians. Don’t forget the mojitos and make sure you pass by ice cream stores as well.

Still, Miami is not just about drowning yourself in mojitos. If you prefer something more laidback, you can hang around in Bayside Marketplace where you will find chains of stores and boutiques. Live music is provided daily for everyone’s entertainment while enjoying the view.

Explore The Miami Beach Boardwalk

You want to go to Miami Beach but you’re not in the mood for sunbathing. That’s fine. You can just explore Miami Beach boardwalk that extends from South Pointe Park to 21st Street. You will find several joggers, skateboarders, and bikers enjoying the boardwalk.

If you want to enjoy the boardwalk more, consider rending a three-speed bike with large front baskets or Segway. You’ll get to explore and enjoy the area more while making sure that you are able to get the entire boardwalk covered.

Get Photographed At The Wynwood Walls

Not a fan of street art? Wynwood Walls might change your mind about it. The street art and colorful murals in this area is a home to the most impressive collections not just in Miami but also in the world. Each wall has its own story, all of which are Instagram-worthy.

Do you know the best part? You get to enjoy an outdoor museum for free.

Cruise Down The Ocean Drive

Cruising down Ocean Drive is a great bit of fun in Miami Florida

Do you want another reason to visit South Beach? You can simply cross the street and cruise down Ocean Drive.

Ocean Drive is a popular tourist destination both day and night. You can find anything in this place – food, shopping, art deco buildings, you name it. If you prefer relaxing, then you can do so. Ocean Drive is a good place to go “people watching” and enjoy the unique skyline Miami has to offer.

Final Thoughts on Miami

Are you ready to see and explore Miami? Because you definitely should. And even though researching ahead of time is great, I definitely recommend bringing a travel guide along with you. Here are some of the best travel guides I recommend…

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