Bucket List: Party Destinations Around the World to Visit Before “Life Happens”

For most people, when they hear the term bucket list, they immediately think of places and things they want to experience before they die or reach a certain age. That’s true for the most part. Your bucket list can be whatever you want it to be. Most people have bucket lists that consist of destinations they want to visit or death-defying acts they want to do before they “kick the bucket” but there are some people who have the party animal in them and base their bucket lists on party destinations they want to attend before reaching a certain age.

Now, getting older is something that’s going to happen to everyone regardless of how many vitamins and anti-aging creams a person may use but the reality is that as you grow older, life isn’t going to always be a party… Life happens and changes things… You get married, have children, take on a demanding job, etc… not saying that when those things happen that you can’t party like a rockstar but your priorities change and your responsibilities change as well, so it only makes sense to let your inner party animal out while you have the freedom to do it! According to Cosmopolitan magazine, your party life does indeed change with age.

There’s always tons of US festivals and events you can attend to add to your party destination bucket list but to truly party to your heart’s desire, you have to add international travel in with US travel to get the ultimate party experience you’re wanting to experience. Now, please understand that there’s no certain age you have to be in order to party and have a good time, but let’s be realistic here… the fun you had at parties in your twenties isn’t going to be the same kind of fun you have in your mid-30s to early 40s. 

Your income has evolved, your taste in cocktails have evolved, and your idea of partying has evolved as well. But no need to worry, whether you are single and ready to mingle with no spouse or children or married with a family but still want to party, there’s a party scene somewhere for you in this big wide world. Take a look at some of the top party destinations around the world you absolutely MUST visit before life comes at you full speed.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

best party destinations in europe

Similar to Vegas’ Strip, Amsterdam also has a party district called Rembrandtplein. In this party district, almost all the clubs don’t open until midnight and don’t end until 6 am… some allow you to party until noon. You’ll be able to see anything from drag shows with flamboyant queens, famous socialites, and tourists just ready to have a good time! With that being said, Amsterdam is definitely a party destination more geared towards the younger crowd, especially for the parties that don’t end until noon!

best party destinations

Las Vegas aka the “Adults’ Playground”

Las Vegas is probably one of the hottest, if not THE hottest, party destination in all of the US. The awesome thing about Vegas is that it’s fun for all adults regardless of where you are in life or how life hits you BUT Vegas is definitely fun to visit when you’re in your early or mid-20s. You can cool off at one of Vegas’ biggest pool parties where the sun is shining and the DJ is playing the hottest music from some of the biggest music artists.

In that same token, if you are in your early to late 30s and even 40s, there are also several locations where you can experience the finer side of Vegas. You can truly party like the VIP that you are. No need for the neon-colored yardstick cups… you prefer to enjoy your libations from a glass. 

Mykonos, Greece

best island party destinations

If you want to truly party like the gods, then Mykonos, Greece is definitely the destination you want to visit. The awesome thing about partying in Mykonos is that it’s partying on the beach. The partying typically begins mid-afternoon and lasts all the way until sunrise the next morning. It’s in Mykonos where some people even party in the nude! If you’re into that, then Mykonos is where you want to be!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are destinations all over the world that you can go to for the ultimate party experience. Some of those destinations are more geared towards individuals of a certain age but nonetheless, you’re never too old to party and have a good time, regardless of what stage in life you’re in… you just have to plan accordingly.

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