Velvet Caviar iPhone Case Review

I recently was able to test out a couple of items from Velvet Caviar; a 'glam' style phone cover store that has an excellent line-up of cases for Apple and Android devices. Their website states from the front page "Designs you'll love, with the quality & protection you can count on." But do they hold up?

Products They Carry

Velvet Caviar is a company based out of NYC and they do seem to be on the cutting edge of fashionable items. They have a variety of cases that appeal to mostly female tastes with a few flame-inspired exceptions. The great news is they have a huge array of cases to choose from. Their website breaks them down into sections that make it really easy to navigate. Choose your phone type (iPhone or Samsung) or case style to browse. They have everything from wallet phone cases, to furry cases, and even gorgeous glitter phone cases.

They don’t just sell phone cases though, they also have a wide variety of accessories for you phone. Most that match whatever style case you have picked. Choose from rings, external battery chargers, mirrored stickers, and screen protectors. Their sale section is also updated regularly and you can grab great cases for only $15! Free shipping is also offered on orders over $20.

The very best cute and stylish phone cases from Velvet Caviar.

My Order

I was really in love with the moonstone cases and their matching rings but since it was the first thing I saw I scoured the site for different items. Ultimately, even though I browsed for a while, I couldn’t get the first case I saw off my mind. I ended up ordering it. My total order included the Holo Moonstone iPhone case, Holo Moonstone Ring, and then I switched it up with an external battery of Black and Gold Marble.

Some background: I've had a ring on the back of my phone for almost two years now. Unfortunately, the brand of ring I used before Velvet Caviar breaks - almost on schedule - every six months or so. I don't mind ordering a new ring constantly since they are relatively cheap and easy to take on and off. I am definitely hoping Velvet Caviar’s rings put an end to this problem, but only time will tell. I'll update in about six months to let you know how it's doing. (If you're reading this before October 2019 it hasn't been six months yet.)

Matching rings from Velvet Caviar.

The Feel and Quality

When I got my products in the mail I was really happy to see all the items were are as just as beautiful as pictured online. They have a great feel to them, nice and smooth, while also giving you something to grip onto. Adding my ring to the back of the case was easy as well. All I had to do was take off the sticker backing and hold down for 10 seconds.

A great battery pack that is stylish and powerful from Velvet Caviar.

The batter is excellent quality and has been working perfectly. On one charge alone it has the ability to charge my phone twice from completely dead. Remarkable from such a small and compact battery pack. It has built in charging cords for both iPhone and Android which helps ensure you don’t lose—or forget to pack—the cables to charge your phone on the go. The lights on the side indicate how much juice if left before your pack needs to be charged again.

The Protection

Protection for your phone in trendy cases.

Look, we all know about cases like Otterbox and Griffin Survivor, they protect your phone from basically anything, but they also make your sleek gadget bulky and boxy. They are also super expensive. While the more clumsy, or adrenaline activity-filled lives, need these types of cases the majority of us do not. Velvet Caviar isn't made to withstand 50-foot drops and underwater disasters but they do a great job of protecting your phone from the normal perils of day to day life. Their cases are made to withstand an 8 ft drop and they also look good while doing it.

The cases, all of them, are TPU, bumper-style cases. For those who don't know, TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane, is a common and extremely durable material made of a mix of soft silicone and hard plastic. A lot of phone cases are made from this material. Velvet Caviar uses it with their sleek designs and adds some extra padding around the corners for protection.

The Price

Trendy phone cases, that actually protect your phone, are becoming more and more expensive. Especially with designers like Kate Spade and even Gucci getting in the mix. I mean $55 (over $500) for a phone case - that's a no from me. The great news is that Velvet Caviar sells most of their cases for around $30 - some a little more, some a little less.

Best online seller of trendy and cute iPhone cases.

Final Thoughts

I really love my new case and I'll definitely be ordering from them more often. The cases are just as I expected and I love so many of the designs. I follow their Instagram now which is constantly showcases new designs and undoubtedly pressuring me to order a new case. I strongly suggest taking a couple minutes out of your day to browse their website. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find something that fits your style.

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