Most Instagrammable Spots in Cairo Egypt

If you travel the world for a great photo to add to Instagram you're not alone, Instagram has quickly (and officially) become the world's number one reigning obsession. Cairo Egypt has so many places where you can take an amazing Instagram picture and I've rounded up the best spots all in one list so you have the best photos possible from your trip. Without further ado, here are some places in Cairo that are the most Instagrammable…

Last thing, before I start detailing the spots, don’t forget to pack your tripod, DSLR Camera, and remote clicker for the journey! If you want to read more about what camera equipment I pack for every trip, check out this article.

Read on: If you’re heading to Cairo you should definitely read my Cairo travel guide. Take it from me, traveling to Egypt requires some major planning to ensure a smooth trip - be sure to research everything well ahead of time.

Pyramids of Giza

Duh - right? You would be mad to visit Cairo and not Instagram the Pyramids of Giza. Capturing them from afar is ideal and a wide-angle lens (here is the wide-angle lens I use) will help you get the perfect picture. Bonus points if you can get a picture of the pyramids with a camel in the frame. Triple points if you get a good Instagram picture while riding the camel.

Pro Tip: I got a good picture with my camel by promising my camel lead a good tip in US money. He was more than willing to take a ton of pictures and even took me to a quiet spot where I could get the epic photo above.

Read on: For opening hours and admission prices to all of Egypts top sights (including the pyramids) check out this article.

best Instagram spots for Pyramid Photos in Egypt

The Sphinx

Although you can't get as close as you used to you can still take a stunning picture for Instagram with the iconic Sphinx. Make sure to use the walkway as a leading line and smile big.

Sunrise or Sunset with the Pyramids

The only way to get shots of the pyramids at sunrise or sunset is by staying at a hotel that overlooks them. I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed staying at the Marriott Mena House because it was directly across from the Pyramids and Sphinx. I think it made my time in Cairo exponentially better. Cairo is known for its awful traffic so being right across the street from the structure that was my entire reason for being in Cairo was perfect. It also meant I could watch the sunrise and set every morning with them in view - with a coffee or wine in my hand. I was even able to arrange with Marriott a morning yoga class on the connecting golf course that directly overlooked the pyramids.

Read on: My full review of Marriott Mena House is here.

Instagram ideas for sunrise or sunset shots with EGYPTIAN Pyramids

Egyptian Museum

Instagram idea for a photo inside the Egyptian Museum

It may be hard to get a photo with not too many people in it but if you arrive early, or stay late, it's possible. The grand foyer is the best place to grab an epic photo.


View from Cairo Tower

A tall latticed tower – Cairo's very own Eiffel Tower - is a must snap for Instagram. The Cairo tower used to be the tallest structure in North Africa, and even though it has been replaced, it still is the only place to get a full panoramic view of the city. I suggest visiting first thing in the morning for the clearest light or during dusk for a sunset shot. The tower is crowned by a circular observation deck and a rotating restaurant.

Khan El Khalili - Marketplace

The cluttered beauty inside the Khan El Khalili market makes for a stunning Instagram picture. Make sure to frame the photo with copious bronze patterned lanterns. Also, I wish I could direct you to my favorite places within the market to take pictures but these alleyways are ancient and pretty much unmarked. I will say that part of the fun is getting lost while finding the perfect photo-op. If you do see a good place for a photo, take it while there instead of continuing to look and coming back to it later. You may never find that spot again with how maze-like this market is.

Pro tip: The market is much more crowded on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays specifically) when locals are shopping. Avoid this time if you can. Shopkeepers and shoppers alike usually don’t mind being photographed, but it’s best - and polite - to ask first. Do be aware that a few jewelry shops do not allow photos.

Instagram ideas for Khan al-Khalili in Cairo

Qahwet Fishawi - Inside Khan Al Khalili

After shopping and picture taking inside Khan Al Khalili you'll need a break and some good food. You cannot miss Qahwet Fishawi (Fishawi’s Café) for mint tea and shisha with a side of beautiful photos and people-watching. Qahwet Fishawi of Cairo’s oldest coffeehouses, and is usually packed to the with both Egyptian and foreign tourists. Inside has an old-world charm and dark wood furnishings and gorgeously colored walls.

The Hanging Church in Coptic Cairo

One of the oldest churches in Egypt, the Hanging Church has a history that dates back to the 3rd century. If you’re trying to get a good picture for Instagram seek out the intricate mosaic tile as a background or use the iconic steps leading up to the church. The streets you wander can also have some magnificent views. Look for blooming flowers and inlaid designs along the wall.

Instagram ideas for taking pictures in coptic Cairo

Mosque of Mohammed Ali

You've got your pick of mosques in Cairo to take some gorgeous photos - just remember to be respectful while doing it. Inside the Mosque of Mohammed Ali you'll find colorful carvings and symmetrically placed lamps line the walls. The courtyard also has gorgeous arches to pose under.

Top tip: If you have a wide-angle lens this is one of the best places to use it in Cairo.

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Instagram ideas for taking pictures near mosques in Cairo

Nile River

You have some options when it comes to getting the best photo with the Nile River in the background. My top choice would be to take a cruise along the iconic river and grab a photo while on the boat. If you can't do that try and stay at the Sheraton Cairo which has balcony views of the mighty river. (By the way, my full review of the Sheraton Cairo is here). And the last choice - but still a good choice - is grabbing an Instagram photo while eating at one of the many restaurants along the Nile River.

Instagram ideas for taking pictures on the nile river in Egypt

Al Azhar Park

An easy escape from the bustle and sandiness of the city is Al Azhar Park. You can take great Instagram photos in one of the many gardens that combine with traditional Islamic architecture. The park is located near Islamic Cairo and the Saladin Citadel which means it won't be out of your sightseeing way at all.

Best spot: The Lakeside Cafe - you'll see that the Citadel becomes more visible alongside the old mosques and everything is reflected on the calm waters of the lake. Stunning Instagram picture all around.

Final Thoughts

One last thing... even though researching ahead of time is great, I definitely recommend bringing a guidebook along with you. Here are some books I recommend...

One of the most common questions I get: What is the best camera for travel photography? I personally love my Nikon D5600. I use the kit lens and a Sigma wide-angle lens (for Nikon) which I am genuinely obsessed with.

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And of course, if you have any questions DO NOT hesitate to reach out to me via Instagram, Twitter, or just shoot me an email (tessajuliette at gmail dot com). 

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If you’re heading to Cairo Egypt soon you probably want some good pictures while you’re there. Check out this article for all the best spots and where to go once you land.

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