Hotel Review: Belmond Iguazu Falls

One of the best hotels in Iguazu Falls is Belmond Cataratas Hotel Iguazu. This is the perfect hotel for families visiting Iguazu falls. It is also a great hotel for any couples visiting Iguazu Falls. Read on to find out why it’s the best hotel in Foz do Iguacu.

Name: Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

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Location: Rodovia Br 469, Km 32, s/n Parque Nacional Iguassu, PR, 85855-750, Brazil   
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Price: $$$$ - Starting at around $400 a night per person


  • 187 rooms and suites

  • 24-hour in-room dining

  • Fine Dining option as well as two other casual restaurants

  • Pool bar and Lounge Bar

  • Game room with pool table, cards, and various other games

  • Spa with steam room and meditation lounge included for all guests

  • Fitness Center

  • Book tours right onsite

  • Iguazu falls is merely steps away

Best tip: In the main hotel check out the tower with gorgeous views of the falls.

Stay here if… you want to be walking distance to the falls and have access to Iguazu Falls with little to no one around.

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In a nutshell...

You literally can’t get any closer than this when trying to stay near Iguazu Falls.   Source

You literally can’t get any closer than this when trying to stay near Iguazu Falls.

Belmond at Iguazu Falls (also known as Belmond Hotel das Cataratas) was one of the most expensive but most worth it hotels I have ever stayed at. Even though it comes with a hefty price tag, being able to see the falls with basically no one around during sunrise and sunset makes it worth every penny. The rooms were gorgeous, the food was delicious and reasonably priced, and the extra services included make this hotel a must stay in my opinion.

Getting to Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

The hotel is located inside Iguazu Falls National Park. This makes getting to the hotel seem much more complicated than it actually is. From the airport simply tell a cab driver you would like to be taken to the Iguazu National Park gates and that you have reservations at Belmond. They are well versed in how the check-in process works there.

Your cab driver will drop you at the gate. Right next to the main entrance of the park is a waiting area for Belmond. From there everything is handled by their lovely employees. One person will grab your bags and load them into the shuttle while another checks your reservations and passports. Once all is in order you are off to the hotel.

Checking in to Belmond at Iguazu Falls

We were greeted by charming front desk staff who were quick and efficient. We arrived at 9:30 AM due to a very early flight from Rio to Foz do Iguacu. Luckily, we were traveling in the shoulder season and they had a room (and an upgrade!) available for us. While the last minute preparations were made we enjoyed drinks on the patio with some new bird friends. The drinks were excellent by the way.

Once our room was ready (only a 30-minute wait, which is incredible considering how early we arrived) Marco for the front desk led us around the property pointing out all the amenities that come with your stay.

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The Room at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

Our room at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

Like I mentioned above, we were upgraded from a standard room to a standard deluxe room. Either way, the room was absolutely gorgeous. A huge king size bed greeted us with a small sitting area. Even though we technically didn't have a waterfall view room, we could see a tiny portion of the falls from our window. The bathroom was lovely as well with marble throughout and a large shower with excellent water pressure.

The room comes with a mini fridge that stores an assortment of beverages and snacks. All are included with the room and you only begin to be charged if you ask for anything to be refilled.

WiFi at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

WiFi is included with your stay at the hotel. I found that it worked perfectly most of the time and had little trouble connecting to the internet or staying connected. I was able to post to social media as well as check e-mail. We were even able to stream Netflix during our stay.

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Dining at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

Breakfast was included with our stay and to say it was extensive is an understatement. They have an omelet and tapioca station as well as a champagne bar. Rows and rows of hot dishes are available as are various bread, jams, and cereals.

Breakfast (and dinner buffet) dining at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

Breakfast (and dinner buffet) dining at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

We were responsible for lunch and dinner and ate in the bar multiple times for lunch. They have small plates - sandwiches, flatbreads, salads - things like that. Each night we opted for the buffet option. The cost was $30 per person for the vegetarian option. ($40 for the meat buffet). I hate using the word buffet because usually, you'll begin to think of low quality and simple staples. We were delighted to find the buffet to be nothing of the sort. The food was incredibly fresh and well prepared. Also, they had different items each night. Don't think you will be eating the same things every day if you eat the buffet multiple times during your stay.

With both of us being vegetarians I was worried about being trapped at a hotel and not having enough options. Belmond Hotel das Cataratas was incredibly accommodating. One night when the pasta sauce had meat in it and we asked if there was any way to get a bit of tomato sauce from the kitchen. The staff assured us it wasn't a problem at all and brought us out a steaming bowl full. It was little touches like this that made our stay at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas so enjoyable.

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Playing tennis at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

Playing tennis at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

Amenities at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

Before I get into the additional hours you have access to Iguazu Falls, let me first talk about the additional amenities at the hotel. The Spa is open to all guests and you can access the steam room, meditation lounge, and locker rooms free of charge. While we didn't schedule a massage we were tempted because of how low the prices were for such a high-end hotel.

There is also a large game room with a pool table, backgammon, cards, and other games to enjoy. A large library if you want to flip through a book. A pool, bar, and restaurant to relax at during the day. They even have tennis courts with rackets and balls you can check out at the front desk. I couldn't get over how much there was to do at the hotel and how many birds you can sit with and just observe right from the grounds.

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There is no way to get this view - completely alone like this - without staying at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

There is no way to get this view - completely alone like this - without staying at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

Extra Hours at Iguazu Falls

Of course, the extra hours at Iguazu Falls is the real reason we chose to stay at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas. The National Park is open to the public from 9 AM to 5 PM each day. The only way to see sunrise and sunset is to stay at Belmond. Only the hotel guests are allowed to walk around the whole park before and after official park hours.

Being able to hang out at the falls with literally no one around was something I never even dreamed possible. Although the hotel seemed at least half full during lunch and dinner times we ran into less than 10 guests our entire time at the falls. Most of the time it was just Matt and me. This is what makes the price tag of the hotel worth it for me.

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Pictures of Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

Final Thoughts

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