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Marriott Mena House in Cairo at a glance

At A Glance

Name: Marriott Mena House | Book it

Location: 6 Pyramids Road Giza, Giza Governorate 12556, Egypt

Price: $125 and up


  • Heated Outdoor Pool

  • 40 acres of manicured gardens

  • Four restaurants and lounges

  • Full Spa

  • Fitness Facility

  • 300+ Rooms

  • Parking fees: $1.50 hourly, $8 daily

Best tip: Royalty, as well as the rich and famous, have been coming to this magical hotel for 150 years. Make sure to walk all around the grounds and find all the secret spots that have excellent views of the Pyramids.

Stay here if… want to eat breakfast and enjoy a glass of wine while staring at the only remaining ancient wonders of the world. By the way, if you prefer to stay closer to the bustling city center I suggest you check out this article that details my stay (and honest review) of Sheraton Cairo.

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Getting to Marriott Mena House in Cairo

Wide view shot of the full property of the Marriott Mena House in Cairo

The hotel is located just steps away from the famous pyramids and Sphinx that most travelers clamor to see. But, because it is closer to the pyramids it is further away from the bustling city of Cairo and the airport you'll most likely fly into.

I landed around 5 pm and because of the rush hour traffic, the drive to Marriott Mena from the Cairo Airport was almost two hours long. Most of the drive is sitting in gridlock traffic on a boring 7 lane highway that doesn't offer much to look at. Be sure to bring a book or have some podcasts/Netflix shows downloaded to your phone.

Once you maneuver traffic you'll arrive at the impressive Marriott Mena House and your car will undergo two rounds of inspections. One by a guard at the gate and another by a trained dog. These guards stop all cars, including taxi's, Ubers, and tour buses anytime they are arriving back to the hotel.

Marriott takes the security of its guests to the next level. You'll find xray machines and metal detectors positioned at most of the main doors of each building. This includes the lobby and the guest buildings. I'll be completely honest - after a couple of days, these checks become a bit annoying. But, if it's keeping me more secure then I guess I like it.

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Checking in to Marriott Mena House in Cairo

I arrived at Marriott Mena house around 8 pm and was greeted by charming front desk staff who were quick and efficient. They took the normal documents needed at check-in including our passports and a credit card for incidentals. Once everything was in order an attendant loaded my luggage into a golf cart and whisked me to my room on the far side of the property.

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The Room at Marriott Mena House in Cairo

My room at Marriott Mena house was quite nice and I definitely enjoyed it. I stayed in a standard room but did get a chance to peak at the newer renovated deluxe rooms which offer more space and a modern (but distinctly local) motif throughout. But, back to my room. It was quite lovely - a large king bed with plush pillows and an over-sized soft comforter. There were extra blankets and pillows in the wardrobe which I took advantage of during the cold nights. A small sitting area and desk were perfect to get some work done and enjoy the room service I ordered during my stay. The bathroom was the only part of the room that showed its age. Although, the shower head was strong and hot which is all I care about during any stay. I didn't have a Pyramid view for my stay. Instead, my view looked out onto the glistening pool and was more than satisfactory.

The TV not only worked great but had a connection to YouTube which was definitely appreciated. Most of the standard channels offered were in other languages and the English speaking channels were all straight up news. Being able to connect to YouTube was a nice addition that I utilized daily. Like many Americans, I welcome a break from the news.

WiFi at Marriott Mena House in Cairo

WiFi is included with your stay at the hotel. I found that it worked perfectly most of the time and had little trouble connecting to the internet or staying connected. I was able to post to social media as well as check e-mail. I was even able to stream Netflix during my stay.

Dining at Marriott Mena House in Cairo

While in Cairo you may be eating at hotels quite a bit. Not only is it easier to keep you from getting an upset stomach but it also is convenient. You can eat off hotel properties and downtown Cairo is full of wonderful restaurants. But, these restaurants are also mostly tucked away from the tourist trail, with no English menus. And an Arabic-speaking, in-the-know guide is crucial to ensuring a good time.

Luckily, Marriott Mena House has lots of restaurants to choose from. Let's start with breakfast. It was included with our stay (and many bookings online include it as well) and served at 139 Restaurant near the front of the complex. The views of pyramids and landscaped gardens are just as good as the food. And to say the food selection is extensive is a massive understatement. There are tons of stations to choose from and a nice mix of local and international options. I also had the option to order room service each morning for a small fee ($20+). 139 Restaurant is also opened for lunch and dinner and serves a range of options from Middle Eastern to Indian classics.

Lunch and dinner are served at Alfredo, a poolside contemporary dining experience that serves authentic Italian homemade food with a strong emphasis on farm-fresh ingredients. Dinner can also be eaten at Moghul, a casual restaurant known for its authentic famous Indian food meals. You also shouldn't miss sipping a cocktail at the Sultan bar in the lobby.

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Amenities at Marriott Mena House in Cairo

The massive pool at Marriott Mena House in Cairo

The biggest amenity at Marriott Mena House is undoubtedly the views of the Pyramids but beyond that, you have a magnificent heated pool to relax in, a full-service spa, and over acres of manicured gardens. The pool was one of my favorite spots and on my last day in Egypt I had no problem spending the majority of it laying beside the dazzling waters with a book while ordering lunch and (multiple) iced coffees.

The spa was another key amenity offering facials, massages, steam rooms, body wraps, and more.

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Pictures of Marriott Mena House in Cairo

Final Thoughts

If you want to plan a vacation that is one part adventurous, one part historical, and one part relaxing than look no further then Marriott Mena House in Cairo. Want to stay closer to the bustling city center? Check out this article that details my stay (and honest review) of Sheraton Cairo in the city center.

One last thing... even though researching ahead of time is great, I definitely recommend bringing a travel guide for Egypt along with you. Here are some books I recommend...

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And of course, if you have any questions DO NOT hesitate to reach out to me via Instagram, Twitter, or just shoot me an email (tessajuliette at gmail dot com). 

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