Best Hot Springs in Arenal

Lake Arenal and La Fortuna is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica and a lot of that has to do with the mighty Arenal Volcano which looms over the region. There are many hiking trails around the Arenal Volcano and after all the hiking the best way to relax your muscles are in one of the many natural hot springs in Arenal.

There are SO many options to experience the Arenal Hot Springs, it's a little mind boggling at first. You can choose a luxurious 5 star resorts like Tabacon, try a family friendly hot spring with waterslides like Baldi, or even use a free entrance for some natural springs under a bridge. In this article I will try to break down the best hot springs in Arenal and the different price points and features of each.

The Best Hot Springs in Arenal

Considered the big 3 these are the best places to go for the hot springs experience in Arenal. Each option has its own pros and cons and while all are great it truly depends on what you want out of the experience. 

Where to find the best hot springs in Costa Rica.   Tessa Juliette | Travel Where to Next

Eco Termales Hot Springs

Considered the best for intimate and affordable hot springs in Arenal. Reservations are encoraged because Eco Termales only allows 100 guests in at a time. I have heard many people refer to Eco Termales Hot Springs as the affordable alternative to Tabacon.

  • 4 pools with temperatures between 91ºF and 105ºF
  • Cascading waterfall
  • Restaurant onsite
  • $29 per person
  • Website 
Where to find the best hot springs in Costa Rica.   Tessa Juliette | Travel Where to Next

Tabacon Hot Springs

If you want the most luxurious experience then head to Tabacon Hot Springs. They truly are the best in Arenal but they know it and the price reflects that. All prices indicated are peak pricing (Dec - Apr).

  • 5 pools with temps from 72ºF – 105º
  • Cold water pool
  • Swim up bar and waterslides
  • Secluded pools
  • Full Day Pass (10am – 10pm) with 2 meals Adults: $115 Kids: $40
  • Full Day Pass (10am – 10pm) with 1 meal Adults: $94 Kids: $33
  • Morning Pass with Lunch (10am – 2pm) Adults: $77 Kids: $28
  • Night Pass with dinner (6pm – 10pm) Adults: $77 Kids: $28
  • Reservations recommended
  • Website Booking
Where to find the best hot springs in Costa Rica.   Tessa Juliette | Travel Where to Next

Baldi Hot Springs

I heard mixed reviews while I was in Costa Rica. Some said that Baldi was great, especially for families looking to enjoy the Arenal Hot Springs. Others said that it was cheap, touristy and crowded. It also should be noted that Baldi pays tourist companies the best commission, so that is why local companies push Baldi. (And also why it is the most crowded) Baldi is also a bit of a party hot springs, for kids and adults, so if you choose Baldi don’t expect a quiet oasis.

  • 25 different thermal pools
  • Multiple pools for different aged kids
  • 2 Waterslides & 3 Swim up bars
  • Open from 9am – 10 pm
  • Entrance (no food) Adults: $35 Kids: $17.50
  • Entrance 1 meal (lunch or dinner) Adults: $57 Kids: $28.50
  • Entrance both meals Adults: $79 Kids: $39.50
  • Website Booking

The Best Budget Hot Springs in Arenal

Los Laureles Hot Springs

The hot springs at Los Laureles can’t compete with the big touristy hot springs of Tabacon and Baldi but they are great for the budget traveler. The hot springs are only $7.50 to enter and very basic. But if you want to experience the Arenal hot springs on a budget this is your best option.

Where to find the best hot springs in Costa Rica.   Tessa Juliette | Travel Where to Next
  • 2 Hot Springs
  • 1 Cold Pool
  • 1 Waterslide
  • Food and drink allowed inside

Free Hot Springs in Arenal

Across the street from Tabacon Thermal Resort, the most expensive of the hot springs in Arenal, is a completely free spring that is open to everyone. The river that feeds the natural hot spring is called Rio Chollin but it commonly referred to as Rio Tabacon. 

Head west from La Fortuna and after you pass Tabacon look for the marked spaces. Be sure to pay the guy in the parking lot to watch your car. 500 colones is appropriate. 

Walk downhill to the river and go left once you hit the bridge. After a short hike you will hit the free hot springs. It won't be hard to find because there are always locals and foreigners alike taking advantage of the perfect natural springs. 

Other Notable Hot Springs in Arenal

Titokú Hot Springs

  • 8 Pools
  • Full Service Bar

Los Lagos Resort & Spa

  • Hot spring fed wet bar 98
  • Hot spring fed Jacuzzi 98
  • Waterslide
  • Volcano shaped kids pool

Hotel Silencio del Campo

  • 1 Hot Springs fed pool
  • 2 Swimming Pools

Los Perdidos Hot Springs

  • Located inside the springs resort
  • 7 pools temperature between 76 and 98
  • Bar and waterslide

Arenal Paraiso Resort & Spa

  • Hot spring pool
  • Restaurant
  • Laundry
  • Private parking with Security

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Hot Springs are one of the best ways to rest your legs after a long day hiking around Arenal. The best hot springs in Arenal are entirely subjective. You can go high-end luxury hot springs with swim up bars and waterfalls or budget hot springs. It is possible to even go somewhere in between. Read on for the best Hot Springs in Arenal Costa Rica.   Tessa Juliette | Travel Where to Next

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