First Steps You Should Take To Start Budgeting For Travel

Ready to start planning an epic vacation?!?

I know, it seems like something that is so far out of reach. But I promise it isn't. This guide is going to be long.... very long... but if you get through it, I promise, a vacation of your dreams waits on the other side. There are going to be videos to help you along the way. And in those videos, exercises you can do to help you learn to travel on a budget. I try to make the videos and exercises as fun as possible. (Budgeting is fun, I swear!) Here we go.....

Let's start

First off, you are going to need to set yourself up for success. That means taking a hard look at your spending habits, weaning yourself to must needs only, and using that extra money to save for travel. 

Watch this video: And learn how to start your spending detox

Have you made your list? And checked it twice....wait this isn't Christmas time... Let's try this again....

Have you made your list of all the expenses you think you can cut out? (Hint: you have to watch the video above) Time to move on then...

Now it's time to start saving. 

My favorite way to save is by having separate accounts that each serve a different function. You can watch this video to learn more. The video focuses on helping people with inconsistent income, but even if you have a steady salary, this method can help you too.

If you watched the video, immediately ran to your local bank, and opened a ton of checking accounts....good job! You should now have three accounts (this is just to start - I have a total of 8 checking accounts...I'm not kidding).

Account A: Income
Account B: Bill
Account C: Travel Savings

During the month, as you work, add your earnings to account A. At the beginning of every month, pay yourself your entire “salary” to account B. Throughout the month, you pay bills as they arrive from account B. You also pay your saving/travel “bills” from account B into account C. Again, you should never touch account A to pay for anything. Account A only receives deposits as you make money throughout the month. (This makes a lot more sense if you watch the video, I promise.)

So you're saving... Now where to go?

You've started saving, you have a nice lump of money ready to be spent on an epic vacation, but where do you go? 

Traveling on a budget is as much about saving as it is about knowing how to spend your money wisely and how to make it stretch. 

The first way to make it stretch is to pick a location where your dollar goes far. Think Thailand, India, a cheap island. Check out this article for my favorite places to travel to on a budget.

You can also google budget destinations, and get hit with a million and a half results. The choice is yours.

How to Save for anywhere.

If none of the budget choices are appealing to you, that's ok!! You can save money going anywhere really, you just have to know the tricks. 

Check out: How to find cheap flights and How to find and book cheap hotels to start off.

These articles just start you off with the basics, but honestly, the most important thing is to be patient when researching. Oh, and always use price alerts, they are my secret ninja tool. (seriously, read the articles, they teach you about this and soooo much more.)

Alright... now you've got the basics down.
You are ready to start having fun. 

I hope this guide helped and if you have any questions, comments, concerns....curse words.... do not hesitate to reach out!!

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