Dinner at Banje Beach Restaurant in Dubrovnik

While visiting Dubrovnik, in April 2017, I had the chance to dine at Banje Beach for dinner. My original plan was to spend the day on the beach and enjoy all the of many activities offered on the best beach in Dubrovnik but the weather had other plans in mind.

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During my 5 day stay in Dubrovnik an awful cold front rolled through and highs barely reached the 60's during my trip there. Pretty disappointing. Luckily, what wasn't disappointed was my dinner at Banje Beach Restaurant. 

The Atmosphere

The inside of Banje Beach Restaurant is lightly decorated with large tables and white table clothes. The main feature are the immense windows framing the beautiful Adriatic Sea in all its glory. Make sure you call ahead to book a seat near the window. 

The Food

I began with the Saint Jacques - a sea scallop appetizer served with pine nuts and arugula. It satisfied my roaring hunger without filling me up for dinner. The scallops had a light sauce and were cooked perfectly. For dinner I tried the Sea Bass Filet which was light and fresh. I should have asked it it was caught that afternoon! Dessert concluded the meal with a chocolate cake that was TO DIE FOR. I wish I had taken multiple slices home.

Overall Impressions

All of the food was prepared with care and expertise. The platting was unique and eye-catching which made for some great pictures. Even better photos are how close the restaurant is to the Adriatic Sea. Don't miss dinner at the beautiful restaurant in Dubrovnik. 


Banje Beach
Restaurant, Lounge, and Club

Ul. Frana Supila 10A, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Website | Menu

For Reservations call +385 20 412 220 or E-mail info@banjebeach.eu


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