Visiting the Bahamas? Here's Everything You Need to Know

The Bahamas is, without a doubt, one of the most picture-perfect destinations. Filled with an idyllic watery landscape this is a place in the world where both things exist in their finest possible form. Its crystalline turquoise water and soft white sand beaches will fill your beach craving and the adventures to be had on the water are simply waiting to be discovered.

Located in the continent of North America, The Bahamas is an archipelago with over 700 islands, of which 40 are inhabited. These islands combine to present you a destination where nature’s splendid creation are shaded in different colors and opulence. The spectacular tints of these islands attract over one million tourists every year. All come, from around the world, to immerse themselves in a combination of tranquility, bliss, and fun. There are few destinations in the world which offer all these vibes in one easy setting. The Bahamas surely fights for first place.

Gorgeous days are quire frequent in The Bahamas.

Gorgeous days are quire frequent in The Bahamas.

If you have also decided to soak in The Bahamas captivating vibes, here is everything you need to know when planning for the perfect Bahamas trip.

(Almost) Every Day is Picture Perfect

You don’t need to look for the ‘best season’ before planning out your Bahamas trip, every day is the right day to head down to the islands. The tropical climate of this land welcomes radiant sunshine year-round. During the summer, things get quite hot with temperatures hovering between 80 - 90°F. Winters are much cooler but still warm enough for a swim suit with temperatures between 68 - 77°F.

Rest assured you can plan out your trip any time of the year and at any moment of the day. You will want to be aware of the peak hurricane period which runs from early August to the end of October. Hurricane season officially lasts from June 1st to November 30th. But, speaking from experience—I grew up in Miami, a place that experiences hurricanes frequently—you should only worry about the peak period. Even if you plan a trip during the peak period, hurricanes take a while to develop and you will find out if one is projected to hit during your vacation at least a week in advance.

Numerous Accommodation Options
(For Every Budget)

Take your pick from many different accommodations while in The Bahamas.

Take your pick from many different accommodations while in The Bahamas.

Obviously, a place which embraces more than one million visitors each year will have enough accommodation options to cater to the lodging needs of people with different tastes and different budgets.

Choose from five-star hotels with plush amenities, which are a blend of convenience, luxury, and fun. Or take a look at upscale beachfront resorts and fully furnished luxury villas in the Bahamas you can rent for your entire party.

You should definitely choose your accommodation option wisely because it will define the flavor of your vacation. Hotels and resorts are comfier and more convenient, but they can’t give you genuine cultural experience and insight into the local life. Rental villas are the best option to live in the Bahamas like a local.

Countless Fantastic Attractions

Even if you are going to the Bahamas for only relaxing sandy beaches and crisp turquoise water, I urge you to venture out. The Bahamas has more to offer than beach pina colada’s. Go for off the beaten path activities, explore some historical sites, get to know the rich culture, even visit mangrove gardens, or experience the essence of Bahamian art. The Bahamas is a full-fledged treat for travelers rather than an appetizer. Make sure to have the whole meal rather than just a chunk of it.

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What To Pack For Your Bahamas Trip

You don’t have to put in the extra effort while packing because the Bahamas is an easy relaxed land. A no-brainer is grabbing some cute swimwear for beach time. Personally, I love packing tons of cute one-piece swimsuits for sunny vacation spots like this.

You’ll also want some casual and breezy clothes to fight against sunshine during day time, and something low-key fancy for a night out. Honesly, these few items are just enough. You definitely don’t have to carry along too fancy of a wardrobe. You simply will not need it in this easy-going land.

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Final Thoughts on The Bahamas

Try not to over plan your trip. The Bahamas is meant to be experienced in a relaxed state, this mindset will help you find some of the most amazing experiences. Do plan out your accommodation, and preferably the earlier the better, to avoid any on-the-spot troubles which are likely to occur given the year-round crowds. Most of all, enjoy it. You’re in the islands now.

One last thing... even though researching ahead of time is great, I definitely recommend bringing a guidebook along with you. Below are some of the best Bahamas travel guides I recommend.

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