Things to do in Aspen - Winter Edition

Ski and Snowboard

Take your pick between four mountains: Aspen, Snowmass, Highlands and Buttermilk. Click on the above pictures to see a large trail map.

Visit a Dispensary

Silverpeak in Aspen is the best dispensary!

Colorado was one of the first states to legalize weed and visiting a dispensary while in Aspen is a must do! My favorite is Silverpeak, it's classy yet still has great prices.

Woody Creek Distillery

A favorite of writer Hunter S Thompson this place makes some spectacular spirits. I'm not a vodka fan myself (I blame college Tessa who maybe drank too much vodka) but the reserve vodka goes down incredibly smooth. Try it in their Moscow Mule. 

Eat at Amazing Restaurants

Aspen is home to many world class restaurants. Check out my full list for my favorites. 

Drink Everything

Aspen is known for partying

Aspen is renowned for its Après-ski scene. But, what exactly is Après Ski? The French phrase literally translates to "after ski," and refers to any social activities that you partake in after a long day hitting the slopes. Aspen has a particularly marvelous Après ski lifestyle and locals live by what you do after skiing is just as important as the sport itself.

Cocktails at the Jerome Hotel

Hotel Jerome in Aspen

Speaking of drinking, if you're looking for a place to start the night head to the Jerome hotel for a cozy atmosphere that screams wealth. Luckily, you don't have to dress like it. Ski attire is perfectly appropriate even in the nicest of bars. Drink like a local and try the Aspen Crud, a bourbon milkshake cocktail that dates back to Prohibition.

Rent a dog

Aspen is so dog-friendly that if you don't bring one they will loan you one. SERIOUSLY. The Aspen Animal Shelter's Rent-a-Pet program means you can spend the day with a pet still looking for a forever home. Odds that home will be with you after your day together are high.

Maroon Bells

Aspen Maroon Bells

Called the “most photographed peaks in all of North America" these are truly a stunner. You can find them just 12 miles outside Aspen towering over Maroon Lake.

Opera House

This famous building has been burnt to the ground twice but still carries on holding frequent guests. Find out if anything is playing while you're in town here.

Drink local beers

Drinking local beers while in Aspen is a must do!

Colorado itself is home to more than 100 microbreweries, and local favorite Aspen Brewing Company has five different beers on tap, plus two winter brews. Make sure you visit the brewery on East Hopkins Avenue.

Enjoy a Spa Day

Aspen St Regis has one of the best and most relaxing spas

After getting beat and bruised on the slopes (is that just me?) there’s nothing better than some premium pampering. Book yourself a treat at one of Aspen’s many luxurious spas. The top ones to check out are The Spa at Viceroy Snowmass and Remede Spa at St. Regis Aspen.

Final Thoughts

One last thing... even though researching ahead of time is great, I definitely recommend bringing a guidebook along with you. Here are some books I recommend...

Also, a super common question I get is: what camera do I use for my travels. The body is a Nikon D3300 and this is the wide angle lens I use and love - I am seriously obsessed with it. 

My full guide that includes all the camera gear I take on every trip is here.


And of course, if you have any questions DO NOT hesitate to reach out to me via Instagram, Twitter, or just shoot me an email ( 

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