5 Tips: Capturing Travel Moments on Camera

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Sure, getting out and experiencing your vacation is the best way to fill the memory bank, but your memories won’t be enough to fill your Instagram feed or show to your friends, will they? Learning how to photograph the moment could take your adventures to a whole new level. In fact, my five tips for capturing travel moments on camera are sure to make your snaps the envy of all your friends.

Think About Your Camera

The best place to start when thinking about your vacation photos is the camera you’ll be using. It’s important to think about the pictures you want to take and your budget when picking a travel camera, but thankfully there are so many on the market it seems as though there is something for everyone. As for me? I love to use the Nikon D5600 fitted with a Sigma wide angle lens (for Nikon) for all of my snaps and have seriously fallen head over heels with it over the years. However, you might find you need a waterproof model, or one that can take a knock or two, if you plan on a more adventurous trip abroad.


Avoid The Crowds

Many of us have seen the snaps online, and traveling is all about giving us a chance to finally see those famous destinations with our own eyes. That is until we learn that those tourist attractions might be a little disappointing after all. In fact, The Secret Traveller blog at 1Cover has an entire post on disappointing tourist attractions that you need to avoid.

If you want to capture the best travel moments on camera, then it’s time to look for places off the beaten track, and not the ones that have been photographed thousands of times before. These could be unusual road signs, views from the top of a climb, or even a secluded spot you stumble across on your adventure.

Tips for capturing moments on camera.

Practice At Home

So you’ve got yourself the new camera, and you’re all ready to head off on vacation. However, there’s one thing missing: some practice! Learning how to take the perfect pictures of your vacation means understanding how to capture the moment at home without the added pressure of other visitors or time restraints. The best bit? This is the perfect excuse to capture some unforgettable moments at home, as well as a chance to get out and explore the local area before you head off on your travels.

You have to practice all the time to get good at photography.

You have to practice all the time to get good at photography.

Remember The Golden Hour

It can be easy to get overwhelmed trying to remember everything we should and shouldn’t be doing when trying to take the perfect photo. Learning how to experiment with snaps and looking for the smaller details are two tips many beginners can benefit from. However, there’s one tip that’s essential when abroad: use the golden hour. This happens twice a day, the hour just after sunrise and the hour before sunset. The beautiful conditions during both these times gives us ideal lighting, meaning we can capture the most perfect photos.

Take Turns Behind the Camera

It’s important to split time as the photographer if you’re traveling with someone. Not only will you both get to learn how to capture the moment, but your snaps will now be filled with a variety of faces, rather than using the same angles and seeing the same poses over and over again.

These are just my top five tips for capturing travel moments on camera, but maybe you have some more of your own? Be sure to let me know in the comments down below!

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