3 Apps I Never Travel Without

It goes without saying that I have tripadvisor, google translate, Air bnb and all the other normal travel apps downloaded on my phone. But if you are a constant or even occasional traveler these are the 3 apps I would suggest that most people don't think of.  


The Skimm

There is nothing more embarrassing than coming home from a long vacation and having no idea what is going on when your friends talk recent events. Whether it's the newest Netflix binge you need to catch up on or some serious world news The Skimm makes it so easy to stay connected while your away in part due to their conversational tone they use to report the news. It feels like your smart well informed friend is catching you up. You can choose to get it in your inbox each morning or download the app for extra articles and Skimm Ahead their newest service.
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I used to have a entire folder of iPhone picture editing apps. Now I have one. Snapseed is the very best because it gives you manual control over editing pictures and still gives you tons of great filters that are worlds better than VSCO or Instagrams. Their manual edits are crazy intuitive and the brush feature is the most genius thing to ever come to photo editing. Being able to apply a higher exposure or deep saturation to a specific part of the picture is a game changer. 
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Trip it

TripIt is an intelligent trip organizer that pulls confirmations directly from your email box and organizes them in the app without you lifting a finger. Say you have a trip to Vegas planned and you have a flight, car rental, hotel and theater tickets all booked over the last two months. TripIt pulls everything and organizes it under the destination heading and then inside the folder is everything in your trip arranged according to reservation date with all the pertinent information you could ever need. Need to know what time check in is? TripIt has it. Need to know where will call is at the theater? Again, TripIt has you covered. 
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