WTN Travel Guide to Lisbon

Quick Facts

  • The capital and largest city in Portugal.
  • Has a Mediterranean climate and the warmest winters in Europe. 
  • Recognized as a global city because of its importance in finance, commerce, education and tourism to name a few. 
  • One of the oldest cities in the world. Older than Rome, Paris and London!

How to get there

By Plane...Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) a huge international airport home to discount airline giants Ryan Air and Easy Jet. From the airport to the city you can take the bus or metro which have stops at the airport. 
By Train...Santa Apolónia and Estação do Oriente to the Rossio Train Station located in Rossio Square in the city center of Lisbon. 
**A bit of a clarification from a reader: Rossio train station is not Lisbon's central station for international train lines. Rossio station only serves local lines to the suburbs. (Great for day trips) Lisbon has 2 major train stations (in the same line) that connect the city to most European capitals: Santa Apolónia station (closer to the city center) and Estação do Oriente (in the eastern part of the city). Both have access to metro / subway stations.

How to get around

Top Tip - for maximum efficiency purchase the unlimited 24 hour pass which includes all Metros, Bus Services, and Trams. Tickets are 6€ and can be bought from Metro Stations only. 

By Metro...Modern, clean and efficient. Click here for a full map.
By Tram...the tramway opened in 1873 and comprises of 5 urban lines. Tram 28 is extremely popular with tourists. Here is a great guide to sites on the historic line and the best way to ride it. 
By Bus...the bus system connects the rest of Lisbon in a fast efficient manner. Click here for a map of the bus system.
By Car...many tourists choose to rent a car mostly to access the surrounding "day trip" areas that Lisbon offers. The town is extremely hilly so rent at your own risk!

Top Things to See

Places to Stay

Lisbon Lounge Hostel - right in the center of the city, a great hostel that offers free breakfast in the mornings, modern facilities and tours right out of the hostel. Beds start at 12€.

Home Lisbon Hostel - 4 and a half star hostel in the center of the city. 

Hotel Vincci Baixa - 4 star hotel with clean updated rooms. Doubles start at $145

Restaurants We RECOMMEND

Oishi - Cheap amazing sushi
Pipuli - Coffee to tapas directly next to the ocean
Aura - fancy restaurant in Praça do Comércio
Coimbra Taberna - no frills fantastic restaurant near city center

Day trips from Lisbon

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