3 Day Sahara Trip

Even before we arrived in Morocco Matt and I had already made a huge mistake. We went online and booked a 3 day tour from Marrakesh to Fes with a stop in the Sahara for camel riding. We thought we found a great deal - $500 each all inclusive. Fast forward to the first night - I check into my hostel and the amazing manager, Muhammad tells me he can book any tour I want. I ask him about a 3 day Sahara tour and he says "yes of course! That one is $80 round trip to and from Marrakesh". My Jaw literally dropped and I asked began to ask him a million questions. 

Turns out the tour was exactly the same, except it came back to Marrakesh instead of taking you to Fes. This actually worked better for us and I booked it immediately. Thankfully we only lost the deposit on the first tour ($50 each) but I learned a very valuable lesson. Always ask hostel and hotel staff to book your tours once you arrive. You can save A LOT of money.

The tour itself was fantastic. It was 3 very full days. The highlight of the trip was of course the night in the Sahara and the camel ride in and out of camp...

...but the trip out there was just as beautiful.

We visited a Kasbah called Ait Benhaddou which you will recognize from many movies and TV shows including Game of Thrones. 

We also visited a local working farm. 

And learn how the locals make their beautiful rugs.

Transportation, rooming, breakfast and dinner were provided - lunch was the only thing we paid for the whole trip. Totally worth the amazing experience for the low price of $80. 

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