My Life's a Movie: I Fell Into Travel and Have Never Looked Back

You shouldn't need crazy inspiration to travel...but I get it, sometimes you need a push. Inspirational Tales features bloggers, Instagramers, and just normal people who sacrifice and learn a lot for their dream of traveling. I hope to show you that it isn't just "special" people who travel, it can be anyone who has a dream to see a place near or far.
Today I have popular blogger, Alyssa, from My life's a Movie.

I never thought that traveling would be something I ended up doing for a living. I went to college for pre-med/vet and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in biology, then moved back to my tiny hometown in Jupiter, Florida where I began working and searching for a life partner like everyone else was. I absolutely hated it. Then one day I randomly went to visit LA for the weekend...and never came back. I picked up writing because it was easy for my to write content for other people, and something I could do from my laptop. But for the first two years, I still wasn't traveling.

Then suddenly when I turned 26, I felt like I needed to be doing more in life, and suddenly I found myself randomly looking into volunteering in South Africa. I probably had just enough money to get there, but hadn't traveled alone before so was waiting on a (guy) friend to come with me. He bailed, I lost money, and pretty much gave up on the trip. It wasn't until my mom literally said to me, "If you feel like you should go volunteer in South Africa, then go do it." For some reason, hearing it from her (she also traveled the world in her 20's) made me feel like it was Ok to spend all the money I had on this crazy idea.

I got really excited and spent every spare minute I had researching everything from activities to cheapest airfares, which is when I realized it was really cheap to fly to other countries nearby. I somehow managed to alter my trip so that the price of a flight back from South Africa was about the same as the combined price of flights to Thailand, Australia, then back to LA. 

The trip was incredible, and insane at the same time; I fell in love (briefly), I started a charity, I sat next to a lion, I got my debit and credit card stolen in Thailand, I flew Malaysia Airlines, and I got taken in by surfers in Bondi Beach when they realized I didn't even have money left to eat. Most importantly, I did it all on my own, give or take a couple times when my mother had to wire me money since I had lost all of mine. 

When I got back to LA, I re-designed the blog I started 6 months before my trip called My Life's A Movie, which was initially intended to poke fun at a non-Hollywood girl living in the middle of the Hollywood scene, and started using it to write about my travels. That was in August of 2014, and I still had to work writing freelance content for other people while simultaneously trying to build and grow my site until I slowly began getting travel writing gigs, and semi-sponsored trips. I was beyond broke, but I kept going, doing whatever I could to just make the next trip happen and get my name out there.

I submitted about eight articles to the Huffington Post before finally getting approved for one right before my trip to Iceland in July 2015. Two weeks later I went on a rant about how irritating and uncomfortable it is to be constantly judged by people when I'm traveling simply because I fit the stereotype of someone who should be by the side of a man. The article that I so obnoxiously titled, "Yes, I'm Pretty and I'm Traveling Alone", went viral, shocking the hell out of people all over the world in both good and bad ways, and opened the door for me to some amazing opportunities that all have led to me becoming a full time travel blogger. I didn't get lucky, I didn't have any help, I kept trying and working hard, and writing what I felt!

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