NYC Winter Trip: Packing List

Written by Hannah Warne

New York around Christmas is one of the best times of the year - the sparkling decorations, the friendly atmosphere and just the overall magic of the season really make it the perfect time to visit.

One of the hardest parts, though, about visiting New York during the wintertime is packing - the weather can be unpredictable and the colder temperatures require sometimes-bulky clothes that can be hard to cram into a carry on. So what's a girl to do?


The first most important things to remember when you're heading to NYC -  layer, layer, layer! Bring a mix of light and heavy tops and bottoms that are easily interchangeable and can be worn on top of one another to ensure that you're never too hot or too cold. Stick to a neutral color palette to ensure that everything you've brought can mix and match without any clashing. My top picks to pack are: a chunky turtleneck, an easy sweater dress, simple and neutral long sleeved tee, a light leather jacket and a fun fur vest to throw on top. Toss in some jeans, a pair of leggings and few more tops or sweaters and you've got yourself the perfect mini-wardrobe!


Another key: cold weather accessories! Besides adding some flair to any look, hats, gloves and outerwear are all very important to keeping you toasty while you're out seeing the city sights. Mix and match colors and patterns or keep them neutral depending on your personal style - since your clothes will be covered up with your coat, the accessories are just the place to jazz it up.


The final factor is your footwear. Whether you've planned a fancy evening out, days full of Christmas activities or time cozying up inside, make sure you bring versatile shoes that can do double duty. In my opinion, boots are the key to this! With low temps and possible rain and snow, you want to keep your feet warm and have sure footing. Though boots can be bulky to pack, bringing a pair or two is definitely worth it. Choose ones that will work for many occasions, like a simple black chelsea boot or a sleek over-the-knee boot that works with your coat or a nice dress for a night out.

With this arsenal of stylish separates in your carry on, you'll never have to worry about what you're going to wear while you're exploring the city and you'll instantly fit right in with all of the stylish New Yorkers. Happy packing!

Hannah Warne is a writer, blogger and founder of The Naturalized New Yorker. Though originally from Pittsburgh, Hannah now calls the Big Apple home and loves exploring all it has to offer and blogging about it along the way.

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