2016 Travel Gift Guide

I wouldn't be a blog if I didn't recommend some gifts for the holiday season. Well no worries I have you covered for your travel loving friends. Or for yourself (#treatyoself). Also a lot of these things are from Amazon (and specifically amazon prime) because procrastinating buying gifts is real and their 2 day shipping is a godsend.

Away Luggage


I'll start with the splurge before you see all the tiny cheaper stuff you will inevitably you want. Save your pennies and invest in this luggage. You can read my full review here but seriously this thing is a life saver and totally worth the money. The bag has a great design inside to help you save space plus the battery that comes along with it will charge your phone from dead up to 5 times. Crazyness.
Buy it here.



I've been obsessed with mine ever since it came in the mail. The hype is true, especially if you have a 6 Plus iPhone. The loop really does help you reach the edge of the screen with one hand. Plus breaking your screen is the worse and loopy really does #stopthedrop.
Buy it here. 



A stick and shoot camera that has tons of hype surrounding it. Preorder one on their kickstarter page for your friend so they can take instagram perfect pictures on their travels. If this camera helps them get instafamous then it's definitely ok to ask for some of their new found cash. 


Scratch the World

Scratch off places as you travel. Also stare at the map and wonder how you are going to see everything while also working a full time job.
Buy it here. 


6 in 1 travel essentials kit

First off this thing is cheap ($15) and doesn't look it. So this is a gift your travel friend will look at and think "damn, I should have gotten them something better". It comes with a TSA accepted luggage lock, digital luggage scale, silk eye mask, foam earplugs (2 sets), clear passport cover and world travel adapter. Again this thing is $15. Score.
Buy it here.


Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel

Most travelers don't need any extra help finding places to go but this book is awesome when trying to decide between two places. I have it on my nightstand and look at it way too often.
Buy it here.


"Travel Fund" Piggy Bank

Yes I know. It is kind of kitchy but give it to a friend who loves to travel so they have a constant reminder of why they refuse to go get coffee with you to catch up.
Buy it here.


Cell Phone Power Bank Travel Charging Set

For the traveler who snaps every moment they definitely need a charging set. This one comes in a great carrying case so they don't lose it on the go.
Buy it here.


Leather Passport Holder, Travel Wallet with RFID Blocking

Getting your credit card number stolen is a nightmare when you are home so don't let it happen to your travel friend when they are away! This wallet will block any sort of foul play plus it has a slot for their passport.
Buy it here. 

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