WTN Travel Guide to Busan

Quick Facts

  • Busan is South Koreas 2nd largest city with over 3.6 million people

  • Known for its beaches, mountains and temples

  • Go here for its laid back atmosphere compared to Seoul

How to get there

By Plane: Busans international airport is Gimhae Airport (code: PUS). It is not as shiny and new as Seouls Incheon airport but still has many domestic and international departures/arrivals.

By Train: Busan is well connected on the Korean rail network and is a major hub for KTX high speed trains. Seoul and Busan are connected by train and take between 120-150 minutes.  

How to get around

A very extensive bus and subway system exists in Busan (same as Seoul) and is very easy to use. T-money works all over the country so of course it is used here also. 
Full guide on using the subway here

Top sights

Hotel picks

I can only comment on where I stayed; Hotel Foret Busan Station. I loved it here, I was right next to the main station and there were tons of dining and shopping options. Plus it was easy access to take a day trip out to see Haedong Yonggungsa temple. The rooms were clean, the staff was very nice but as in most hotels in Asia the bed was as hard as a rock. 

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