Coming back to Geneva from Zurich, I decided to hop around to as many towns as I could before getting tired. My first stop was Rapperwil, a town on the edge of two different lakes. I had about an hour to explore, but the town was small and that proved to be enough.

I didn't have a map of the city and I didn't want to use data on my phone to look it up, but it turns out that there's something a bit refreshing about walking out of a train station and heading in whatever direction feels right.

The views were great, as expected, although it was too cloudy to see the mountains in the distance that I knew existed. But what surprised me most was the completely random enclosure of deer on the side of a hill on the edge of old town. I even saw one of the little does hop up to a deer and try to initiate playing. It was so very adorable. But I couldn't stay long, and I couldn't get as many pictures as I wanted. I had to get back to the train station and head to my next destination.