Pulling off the perfect Engagement in NYC

On March 2nd 2015 at around 5:30pm Matthew Blair Slider, my boyfriend of a little over 3 years, asked me to marry him.  Even now, 6 months later, in the middle of wedding planning I sometimes have to take a moment to think about the fact that I am getting married.  I've always been self described as a person "who never really grew up I just learned how to act in public", so me getting married is a pretty weird concept. Here's how the engagement went down:

Matt convinced me that it would be a great idea to drive 16 hours up to NYC for a portion of his spring break, and by portion I mean all of 3 days since that was the most I could get off work.  It definitely took a good amount of convincing since it was so far away but somehow he pulled it off without me thinking anything was happening.

We hit a pretty bad snow storm on the way up (and got stranded there by another snow storm when we were suppose to leave) but I guess that's what we get for choosing to go to NYC in the beginning of March.

So we drive up to New York on a Sunday and our first day in the city (Monday) we spend the whole day walking around the village and chinatown/little italy and just having an amazing day doing basically nothing but exploring.  We had just bought a nice camera so we basically just played around with it all day in the big city.  When we were on the train heading back to the apartment I even remarked that today was the best day ever, little did I know what was about to happen.

We get back to the apartment and after we are locked out for around 30 minutes waiting for the guy we are staying with to get home I can see Matt getting a little bit agitated and on edge.  I wonder why he is being so weird about waiting outside for Brophy to come home and he brushes it off that he's just cold and wants to get inside.  Little did I know that our photographer for the engagement was hanging around near us and he was so worried I was going to notice.  He hadn't accounted waiting for Brophy to get out of class into the timing.  But thankfully I didn't notice at all.  I'm really oblivious to a lot of things apparently.

We finally get inside and I change into a dress for dinner and Matt says we should take the dogs outside real quick and take a picture on our hill while we are out there.  We had just bought a nice new camera so this all sounds completely normal.

We all go outside, me, Matt, our friend Sydney and the guy we were staying with Brophy.  On the hill Sydney grabs our camera to take a couple pictures and after the third picture I tell Matt "OK, I'm so cold we don't need any more pictures" (we had taken our jackets off for the picture) and Matt says "well you're going to have to be cold a little longer..." and then he gets on one knee!

Matt put his phone in his pocket with the intention to just record the audio since he knew I would be freaking out too much to remember.  Somehow he lucked out and got my face on the video also!! I absolutely love that I have a video of our engagement, I could never replicated my genuine surprise reaction. (Just a heads up, I was totally freaking out and kept interrupting him which I feel awful about.)

After I finally let him get through his whole speech he had prepared, he let me knew that there was a real photographer taking pictures of us the whole time.

Surprised is an understatement.  I still feel (kind of) dumb for not realizing all of this being planned around me.

My absolute favorite part of the engagement was what happened next.  Our friend Brophy was off to the side and he let my dog off the leash so she could come over and celebrate with us.  Matt without missing a beat dropped down to one knee and then proceeded to propose to Zelda.

Matt also got some of the tiny details so very right. The ring box is a vintage Tiffanys ring box from the 1950's.  I couldn't stop staring at it and it was such a nice touch.

And of course a super big thank you to our friends, Sydney and Brophy who helped Matt pull off such an epic engagement.

After the engagement Matt wasn't done.  He also made a couple of calls and invited friends from all over the city to come to dinner and drinks with us to celebrate.

Then after drinks, when we were finally ready to end this amazing day we get in a cab to go home and instead of giving the drivers Brophys address he says "take us to the Ritz Carlton".  I died.  He got us a room there for the night. Heaven. Plus he knew someone who worked there so he hooked us up with free champagne, rose petals, and a picture of us in a Ritz frame. It was a magical evening.

Not to mention we then woke up to a view of the park.

So Matt, good job, thank you for making my engagement everything I hoped it could possibly be.  I can't wait for the rest of our lives together.