sand and sea

When I first booked my flights for Tenerife I was worried I was staying there for a bit too long.  5 days actually turned out not to be enough.  It seems that Tenerife was one of those magical places that will stick in my mind forever. The type of place that excites me to no end. It is the type of place that makes me want to look up real estate prices to and move in immediately. 

There was a gentle calmness about Tenerife and I am thankful I got to stay with a local who helped guide me and truly experience the island.  I feel as if I had the perfect week exploring the vast differences in the island and cannot thank him enough for his kindness and hospitality during the entire trip.

The sunset on each night of my trip were outstanding in different ways.

But it was a lot of the tiny moments in Tenerife that made me fall in love.  Small no name hidden beaches and coves that had a total of 10 people on them at all times.

I got the chance to meet true "hippies" for no better word to use.  People who become one with the land and blend their homes and huts into the cliffs surrounding the beach.  They are the people you have read about in books or heard about through friends of friends. But getting the chance to meet them and see them in the flesh and realize they are not different than you or me, just with some priorities a little bit shifted, was an eye opening experience.

They are so grateful for every morning's sunrise and the chance to be able to just be happy and live with one in nature.


One of the things I loved about Tenerife was the way the island had such contrasting and rapidly changing landscape in such short distances.  One minute I was climbing Montana Roja in the desert with its crazy beautiful red rock cliffs that jut directly into the ocean...

...and the next I was up on top of the mountains inside the clouds next to a tree that was at least 300 years old.

I also fell in love with the natural pools of Tenerife; diving into an almost perfectly oval crystal clear pool was an experience I will never forget.

Nor will I forget the way that even though you can hear and see the waves pounding into the side of the pool, they don’t crash over the sides. The hidden caves underneath the pool's edge push water in and out of the pool while it gently rocks you up and down.  And the pool is even deeper than you can imagine but the crystal clear water makes you feel as if you can touch the bottom easily.

I feel as if I have fully experienced pure bliss.

One of the days I was pulled away (much to my dismay at first) from the sea to experience seeing the majestic El Tiede above the clouds, and what an amazing day that turned out to be. 

From the rocks that formed underneath framing the beautiful volcano... the top of the surrounding areas above the clouds.  Just magnificent.

I rounded out my trip with a hike through 6 miles of Masca Gorge.

It was a long and physically demanding hike but thankfully the Florida girl inside of me got giddy every time we turned a new corner and saw a different crack or crevice in the canyons surrounding us each one unbelievably breathtaking. 

The long hike rewards you after 6 miles leaving you in a massive beach with the walls of Los Gigantes staring down at you.  The sand is the blackest sand I have ever seen and the waves come crashing one after another.  

My guide taught me how to swim under the waves just before they break on the top like surfers do and I wondered how in all my years in Miami no one had ever taught me this trick.  I went from being afraid of the big waves and the violent way they would pull me to effortlessly floating under them.

I hope to return to Tenerife soon.  Not having Matt next to me to share such new experiences was a bit hard.  I know he would have appreciated so much of the island in the same way that I did. 

I am counting down the days when I get to return, but for now, Tenerife: thank you for your beauty and clarity it brought.