Coming back from Zurich on the way to Geneva, I stopped in Lucerne on the advice of my Swiss friend. I really enjoy walking into a city center having no idea what the city will look like or what I'm going to do, and Lucerne was perfect for this. Walking straight out of the train station, I immediately recognized the river and within a minute I was staring at the Kapellbrücke (chapel bridge), a landmark bridge crossing the river diagonally, built in the 1300s and still in use today. Apparently the chapel bridge is the oldest wooden covered bridge in the world, and walking down it felt like being a part of history. 

Besides the bridge and the river, Lucerne is an historic city with plenty to enjoy simply walking around the town. So many buildings have traditional painting on them, giving the town a really unique feel. There's a seemingly never ending promenade along the side of the lake with gorgeously expensive building alongside it. I only spent about 2 hours here and will definitely be taking Tessa back to Lucerne when we get some more time to travel Switzerland in October.